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Title:Dan Harris: 10% Happier | Rational Reminder 294

Meet with PWL Capital: In this episode, we delve into the world of mindfulness and meditation with renowned author and meditation advocate, Dan Harris. In our conversation, Dan shares his personal journey from a high-stress career in the news to discovering the transformative power of mindfulness meditation. We explore Dan's best-selling book, 10% Happier which chronicles his exploration into mindfulness practices after experiencing a panic attack on live television. We discuss how Dan's quest for inner peace led him to explore meditation, the core principles of Dan's 10% Happier philosophy, and how mindfulness can lead to incremental but significant improvements in happiness. Discover why Buddhism is a religion that skeptics can line up behind, the intersection of mindfulness and financial decision-making, and the importance of empathy and self-awareness for financial advisors. Gain insights into applying mindfulness principles to everyday life, strategies for building the skill of happiness, the basic steps to start meditating, and much more! Join us on this insightful journey as we explore how mindfulness can truly transform lives and empower individuals to live with greater purpose, happiness, and fulfillment with Dan Harris! Timestamps: 0:00:00 Intro 0:05:55 Dan talks about his journey as a journalist, through self-help then to meditation 0:08:05 Dan describes the practice of meditation 0:12:08 The science to back up claims of meditation 0:18:51 Dan describes his difficulty in gaining an appreciation of meditation 0:28:00 How one could start the practice of meditation 0:32:20 How meditation can help people avoid spending their time and money today, at the expense of their future 0:32:18 Based on discussions with current and former employees, Rob describes the experience of working at Bridgewater 0:37:19 How meditational has influenced Dan's financial decision-making 0:43:59 How much agency people have to affect their own personal happiness 0:50:46 What led Dan to leave ABC news and dedicate himself to 10% Happier 0:54:34 The podcast guests that had the biggest impact on Dan 1:00:15 Dan defines success in his life Links From Today’s Episode: Dan Harris — Dan Harris on X — Dan Harris on Instagram — Dan Harris on Facebook — Dan Harris on YouTube — Dan Harris on TikTok — 10% Happier — 10% Happier — ‘Finding and Funding a Good Life’ — Ten Percent Happier Podcast — Dan Harris: Celebrating 10 Years of 10% Happier — Emma Seppälä — Dalai Lama — Joseph Goldstein — Rational Reminder on iTunes — Rational Reminder Website — Rational Reminder on Instagram — Rational Reminder on X — Rational Reminder on YouTube — Rational Reminder Email — Benjamin Felix — Benjamin on X — Benjamin on LinkedIn — Cameron Passmore — Cameron on X — Cameron on LinkedIn —


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