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Title:Kettlebell Kings Presents: Building Your Chest With a Kettlebell Super Set

View entire post at We are excited to collaborate with the team at Mind Pump Media,, on a five part series to bring you some kettlebell exercises and movements designed to build your physique and muscle mass with kettlebells. The first few posts in our series covered legs, back an shoulders. In Part 4 we will be dissecting a chest building super set with kettlebells. Myths There is a misconception that kettlebells are only good for functional training and even among the lifters who use kettlebells for aesthetic training; the one muscle group most people do not think of kettlebells for is the chest. The guys at Mind Pump will show you why this is a myth because of the pec activation you can achieve with kettlebells. Why Train Your Chest With Kettlebells? The movements that kettlebells allow for compared to traditional barbells or dumbbells will make you feel more of a squeeze at the top of these movements and allow you to go deeper into your press at the bottom compared to what you are used to. You will be hitting your chest muscles in a different way then they are used to and different is the key here for building muscle, specifically more range of motion will build the entire muscle better than limited range. View entire post at We try to make your kettlebell workouts new and exciting each week with our weekly workout list. Our workouts are designed to help you build muscle, burn calories and increase endurance. You can learn more at: Please comment below if you have any questions. Fitness plans: Subscribe here: Find us on social media: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Websites: (US) (EU) (Australia) #kettlebells #kettlebellkings #chestday #chestworkouts #kettlebellworkouts


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