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Title:Enoch | William Branham

105 Now we find here that Enoch was the seventh from Noah, which was a type of the church ages. Now, all of the rest of the six men, before him, died, but Enoch was translated. Enoch was raptured, the seventh, showing that it’s the seventh church age that takes the Rapture. Now, there’s no doubt, we’re in the seventh church age. We all know it. 106 Now, it’s the seventh church age that takes the Rapture. All of the other six died. But Enoch was translated, because, “He was not found. God took him.” But Enoch, raptured, was a type of all of the rest of them dying. But the—the end-time Bride will be called out of the…The rapturing, without death, will be called out of the seventh church age, which we are now bearing record of that age. Oh, my! Let’s dig in now, real deep. See? 107 Now, here, also, a type of the seven church ages, which, in Revelation 10:7, that the great mystery of the Book was to be unfolded by the seventh angel’s Message. 108 Now, there’s a Messenger above, always, and a messenger on earth. The English word angel means “a messenger.” And in the seventh angel’s Message, while he was making his proclaiming, his ministry, “then when he begin to sound forth his ministry,” not when he started out. 65-1204 - The Rapture Rev. William Marrion Branham


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