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Title:Navigating Pediatric Brain Injury by Dr. Brandon Crawford, DC FIBFN-CND

Dr. Brandon Crawford, DC FIBFN-CND is a fellow of the International Board of Functional Neurology with a specialty in Childhood Neurodevelopmental Disorders. He founded and leads care at the Austin Center for Developing Minds in Cedar Park, TX. Brandon is also the founder and CEO of NeuroSolution, who’s focus is selling laser therapy devices and educating doctors, therapists and lay people on various topics in healthcare. Dr. Crawford is also a managing partner of Legendary DC Consulting where he helps other practitioners achieve more optimal results by utilizing developmental functional neurology within their practice. Brandon is a managing partner for the NeuroSolution Center of Dubai and a similar clinic in the UK. Dr. Crawford serves on the medical advisory board for SNA Technologies and BrainTap. Dr. Crawford enjoys educating practitioners and has done this in various ways; most recently he has been a part of the Childhood Neurodevelopmental Disorders Courses led by Dr. Robert Melillo and is now involved in launching the NeuroSolution conferences across the nation. Dr. Brandon Crawford is dedicated to spreading the developmental functional neuroscience profession in order to achieve a larger impact on humanity. Currently Brandon's main focus is on severe pediatric brain injuries and neurodevelopmental disorders. He is also an expert in laser and light therapy, specifically how to apply these modalities to the brain and nervous system. Brandon continues to develop new treatment strategies for various conditions to achieve a deeper level of healing for people all over the globe. No brain injury is easy, they all affect the family unit and require a tribe. In this presentation, Dr. Crawford's objective is to help educate loved ones and caregivers about what is going on inside the head of a brain injured child and offer some strategies to help and support them.


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