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Title:The BEST Muscadine Grape Grow Guide - How To Grow Muscadine Grapes At Home #grape #garden #fruit

Learn everything you need to know, to grow an abundance of muscadine grapes at home! This is one of the easiest and carefree fruit crops for the home backyard gardener. Muscadine grapes out produce regular table/grocery store and wine grapes. Plus, they are native to the southern parts of the United States so they thrive in our native soils without much care, fertilizer, and inputs. In this guide, I walk you thru the whole process from the differences between cultivars so you pick the best one for your garden, how to plant muscadine grapes, pruning techniques to maximize production, and how/when to harvest. Muscadine grape vines live well over 20 years and each plant can produce an average of 35lbs per year (depending on the cultivar)! They make the perfect addition to permaculture and food forest type settings. I use the grapes to make jelly, juice, and wine. Find live muscadine grape vine plants on my website, along with other neat seeds and plants: Get 10% off your order by subscribing to my gardening newsletter here: ***Other recommended videos*** Pruning & growing muscadines in a long row setup: Follow me on social media for daily gardening inspiration, info on raising backyard chickens, beekeeping, and information on the same varieties of seeds and plants available in my shop. TikTok: Instagram: Facebook: Find the same gardening supplies I use in my own garden by following my Amazon link: #muscadine #muscadinegrapes #grapes #grapevine #vinyard #muscadinewine #garden #gardeningtips #floridagarden #fruit #permaculture #homestead #foodforest #urbanfarming #urbangardening


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