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Title:MASTER Photo Manipulation with just 3 SKILLS

🟣 Join Red's Discord! Critiques, Challenges, and More! ► In this Photoshop breakdown Red will show you the 3 Core Skills for mastering the art of Photo Manipulation. Get these figured out and you’ll be WINNING! 🔥 GET 100 FREE FIGURE STOCKS (Instant Download): ► Big Bad Figure Pack (FREE): 🔥 BEST SITE FOR STOCK PHOTOS + OVERLAYS ► Photo Manipulation [dot com]: 🔥 OUR PHOTOSHOP TRAINING COURSES ► Photoshop Video Training Bundles: 📸 VIDEO STOCK RESOURCES ► Adobe Stock: Trees: File 82752044 File 62635545 File 168106636 File 554986682 File 450788153 File 555542900 , Models File 13574293 File 71105326 , Rocks: File 290315673 File 459646843, Animals: File 368764726 File 383521703 File 225112516, Lake green moss: File 267651477, Ivy: File 119342560 File 140092086 File 277017001 File 263375185, Fire: File 275553141 File 219731834 File 219731801, Smoke: File 300336600, Logs: File 493864800 File 521244648, Extras: File 240836241 File 215536621 File 512037931, Grass: File 545648431, Lianas: File 139911397 File 138288388 File 138288381 File 137493117 File 137492878 File 84108116 – ► DeviantArt: https// ► Music by Artlist (Get 2 months FREE with this invite): 🛠️ TOOLS WE USE FOR PHOTO MANIPULATION ► Try Adobe Stock Free for 30 Days (10 Free Images): ► Adobe Creative Cloud: ► Nik Collection, Photoshop Plugin: 💵 LEARN HOW TO EARN FROM YOUR DIGITAL ART ► Earn With Your Art by Dean Samed (Kindle / Paperback): 📩 GET IN TOUCH WITH US ► Sponsorships & Business Enquiries: ⚡ JOIN OUR COMMUNITIES ► Instagram: ► Facebook: ► Facebook Group: ► Pinterest: ⚡ CONNECT WITH REDOUANE ON SOCIAL MEDIA ► Instagram: ► Artstation: ℹ️ABOUT PHOTO MANIPULATION We’re a team of Photoshop Artists from across the globe and we’re PASSIONATE about Digital Art and Photo Manipulation. We create Photoshop Overlays and Figure Stocks for the Stock Photography websites Photo Manipulation [dot com] & NeoStock! Our goal for this channel is to share our love for the Photo Manipulation artform through Project Tutorials, Tips, and Guides, and also to let people know about the AWESOME stock assets we create. Each Team Member is a (Pro Freelancer) specialist in their respective fields, with expertise in: Matte Painting, Concept Art, ‘Hollywood Processing’, Editorial Design, Book Cover Illustration, Publishing, Portraiture, Photography, 3D, and Environmental Design! We really hope you enjoy the work we do here. If you got a kick out of today’s video, please do give us a ‘Like’ and Subscribe – it costs nothing to you, and really helps our content reach the audience it will help most 🙂 Wishing you all the best with your creative adventures, Dean (Founder & CEO of NeoStock LTD and Photo Manipulation [dot com]) #photoshop #tutorial #redouanenaouri


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