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Title:Abandoned Kawasaki KFX450R left outside for YEARS! Can it be saved?

Forgotten Kawasaki 450 Restored after sitting outside for YEARS! #4stroke #kawasaki #restoration Hey Guys this is my 2008 Kawasaki KFX450R. I Bought this for 1800 bucks to use in a challenge series against a TRX450R and a YFZ450R. I had a $3000 budget and 6 weeks to complete the build for race day! This was mad fun to do! Thank you for watching and consider subscribing for more content like this! Watch This Quad Compete (Top Quad) – Watch The Full Engine Build - PARTS AND TOOLS IN THIS VIDEO - (These links may be affiliate links that I get a kick back for; there is no added cost to you) KFX450R Top End Kit – KFX450R Complete Rebuild Kit - Crank Bearings - 13.4:1 Piston - Stage 3 Cams - Rossier Exhaust - HMF Exhaust - Blind Bearing Puller - Case Splitter - Aluminum Brightener - Large Torque Wrench - Small Torque Wrench - Large Impact - Small Impact - Case Saver - Headlights with Halos - Billet Carrier - Cheap Chain - COMPANIES I TRUST Rocky Mountain ATV MC – Lion Parts – Rocket Ron - BPRacing - Obor Tires - MERCH - If you enjoyed, please comment, like, share and subscribe! Add me on Instagram @michaelsabo350 for Channel Updates! Thank you for watching! Save money with my Discount Codes! use code SABO10 for 10% off use code SABO10 for 10% off use code SABO15 for 15% off use code SABO for free SS Brake Lines when you order a arms use code SABO20 for 20% off Equipment I use! Wireless Mic - Tripod - Tripod Phone Mount - Phone Gimble - GoPro Hero 7 Black - Video Editing - Thumbnail Editing - Companies and Sponsors please contact: I own the license to use any and all music in this video


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