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Title:Connect Business Application Studio to On premise system | SAP Cloud Connector | Service Center BAS

The Business Application Studio (BAS) is a development environment offered as a service on the SAP BTP, Cloud Foundry (CF) environment . You can simply subscribe to the BAS and from there quickly start developing without installing node, git, Visual Studio Code, or other tools. The solution looks and feels like Visual Studio Code, which is no surprise since it is based on Eclipse Theia, the open source version of Visual Studio Code. SAP added a few useful features to the BAS. You can connect the BAS to your CF account, which allows you to reach all systems that you have configured on CF from your local machine. This includes systems that are connected through the Cloud Connector (CC) and are normally not reachable through the internet. Being able to test changes locally reduces the overhead of deploying remotely and thus increases convenience for developers. Mail us on Website: Our forum: Join Our Telegram Channel : Linkedin: Pinterest: Twitter Page: Facebook : Instagram : Linkedin: Feel free to call us on +91 8448454549, Or mail us on You can download the ppt of this session from below Step 1: The Business Application Studio (BAS)# You have an SAP BTP account and a subscription to the BAS. Via the subscription, the BAS can access all destination in the subscribed account. Step 2: Cloud Connector and Destination Setup# You have set up a working Cloud Connector and configured a destination pointing to an On-premise system. Per default, destinations are not usable by a subscribed BAS. You need to set two properties WebIDEEnabled and HTML5.DynamicDestination to enable that feature for a specific destination. The Service Center provides a central entry point to explore services from various service providers. The services can be used as data sources in your application and application development can be triggered from the Service Center.ABAP Service Catalog The destination points to the ABAP system directly. The system exposes its service catalogs with a list of services (V2 and V4, for example). You must click (Open System Details) and log in with your user credentials to see the list of services


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