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Title:Mom's life in Japan | 24hours | Working mom

【Vlog】24hours of Japanese mom and 4 year-old daughter. My name is Moe living in Tokyo. This is my realistic day from the time I wake up in the morning until I go to bed. I used to long to be a working mom. But the business I started expanded, I found myself unable to do the housework that I had been able to do perfectly when I was a housewife. In fact, I felt self-loathing. But I finally came to realize that it is better to keep the family happy and smiling, even if the room is a little messy, than to force myself into a difficult situation. 🎉UMAMI SAUCE is now available on Amazon US!- (It's currently out of stock, but please come to check out the other Kimonoko's reviews!) 🎉Induction Cooktop Safe Donabe will be available soon! Read the reviews from Kimonoko around the world on this one too!- 📣Join Kimonoko Club- It's a Cooking Club (YouTube membership) to support the Kimono Mom channel to keep making interesting & fun videos. We will be hosting cooking classes and a variety of cultural online events, behind the scene of making video!! 🌸Kimono Mom Store - Authentic Japanese kitchen tools made by Japanese craftsmen Keep in touch! Instagram - Facebook - Special thanks to: 🙏 Kimonoko Club Members for your continued support! You allow us to continue to make great content! 🙏 Those who have sent Super Thanks on my videos! Your continued support allows me to create new content! 💌Contact Kimono Mom Team - #KimonoMom #JapaneseFood #momslife #japan If you liked this video, check out this "Mom's life in Japan" series! [Watch the previous videos] Mom's life in Japan | 24hours | The first part - Mom's life in Japan | 24hours | The second part - Mom's life in Japan | 24hours | Skin Care - Mom's life in Japan | 24hours | Just Be Yourself Mom’s life in Japan | 24hours with 2year old daughter | Weekend


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