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Title:daily vlog 🍰🧸🌷: 6AM productive , making breakfast , coffe time , cozy cafe , decor cake ⋆ Λšο½‘β‹†ΰ­¨ΰ­§Λš

hai 🧸 watch in HD , for a better .. β‘…β™‘βœ§:ο½₯οΎŸβ”β”β”β”β”β”β” ο½₯:ο½₯βœ§β™‘β‘… apa kabar semuanya? i hope u fine there ( ❛ั ᡕ ❛ั )ΰ©­ΰ»ˆΛ™ have a nice day allπŸ’Œ -Λ‹Λβœ„β”ˆβ”ˆβ”ˆβ”ˆβ”ˆβ”ˆβ”ˆβ”ˆβ”ˆβ”ˆβ”ˆβ”ˆβ”ˆ update with me!! instagram acount β™‘ : ❁ β™‘ @bintan.hrd ( tiktok acount β™‘ : ❁ β™‘ @milkbqbs ( pinterest acount : ❁ β™‘ _yoonalov ( - insert ig link @scarlett_whitening , - - shopee thanks for watching all🌷🫢🏻 , jangan lupa subscribe channel aku sampe 100k subs aku bakalan adain giveawayπŸ˜™πŸ€œπŸ»πŸ€›πŸ»πŸ’— follow ig aku juga hihi buat info lebih nya @bintan.hrd 🍰 πͺ𐑂 link book quotes : πͺ𐑂 link gelas : πͺ𐑂 link mixer coffe : πͺ𐑂 link outfit on my instagram πͺ𐑂 link pouch : πͺ𐑂 link cermin : link product on video : ୨୧˚kalender : ୨୧˚stiker : ୨୧˚lilin cookies : link on video : πͺ𐑂 botol aesthetic : πͺ𐑂 sprei set : πͺ𐑂 kain cover selimut kotak” : πͺ𐑂 kain cover selimut polos (sky) : πͺ𐑂 ranjang tidur : πͺ𐑂 poster : πͺ𐑂 stiker : πͺ𐑂 mouse pad : πͺ𐑂 tumblr minum : * link room decor : πͺ𐑂 poster aesthetic : πͺ𐑂 candle cookies : πͺ𐑂 kain bayi bear : πͺ𐑂 lampu standing ikea: πͺ𐑂 lemari putih : πͺ𐑂 kursi cafe : πͺ𐑂 standing miror kayu : πͺ𐑂 lantai kayu : πͺ𐑂 batang gorden : πͺ𐑂 kalender kain : πͺ𐑂 menu du jour poster kain : πͺ𐑂 kalender 2022 bakery : πͺ𐑂 napkin bear table : πͺ𐑂 kain flanel kotak : πͺ𐑂 kain belacu : πͺ𐑂 kain belacu gorden : πͺ𐑂 sendal tidur : πͺ𐑂 totebag : πͺ𐑂 poster aesthetic : πͺ𐑂 seprei cream : πͺ𐑂 gantungan korea : πͺ𐑂 sendal bear : πͺ𐑂 meja bulat korea : πͺ𐑂 candle cookies : πͺ𐑂 tatakan gelas : πͺ𐑂 lilin srawbery : πͺ𐑂 gelas : πͺ𐑂 boneka bear : * link on my desk (meja belajar) ΰ²₯β—‘ΰ²₯ : πͺ𐑂 keyboard cover : πͺ𐑂 mb case clear : πͺ𐑂 tg macbook pro : πͺ𐑂 charger case : πͺ𐑂 lampu belajar ikea : πͺ𐑂 rak laptop : πͺ𐑂 case iphone : πͺ𐑂 case iphone bear : πͺ𐑂 case ipad hitam : πͺ𐑂 poster aesthetic : πͺ𐑂 keranjang mini putih : πͺ𐑂 stiker nct + poster : ada di HL instagram ya πͺ𐑂 cermin love transparan : πͺ𐑂 botol minum 1,5L : πͺ𐑂 rak pensil : πͺ𐑂 laci mini : πͺ𐑂 shopee coaster : πͺ𐑂 ipad case : πͺ𐑂 stylus pen : πͺ𐑂 anti gores ipad : πͺ𐑂 penutup camera : * my totebag link : πͺ𐑂 tas pink : πͺ𐑂 totebag : πͺ𐑂 tas aesthetic : πͺ𐑂 tas beruang : faq: β™‘ camera : iphone xr β™‘ editing apps : vllo , InShot , capcut β™‘ thumbnail : phonto , picsart β™‘ filter video : photo h o p e y o u e n j o y! 🍰 chill day in my life,chill day with me, a chill day vlog, quarantine morning routine, shopee haul, shopee haul indonesia, what i eat in a day, weekly vlog, what i eat in a day indonesia, a few days in my life, quarantine vlog, weekend vlog,aesthetic vlog, a day in my life aesthetic,calming vlog, weekend vlog, a week in my life, peoductive day with me, a productive day, a slow day in my life, leaning my corner, maks my bed, miniso haul , haul shopee , haul lazada


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