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Title:How To Create A Wordpress Website In 2023 | Elementor Flexbox Container Tutorial

Learn how to make a WordPress website using Elementor. A Free page builder with the brand new Flexbox Container builder. Thanks to this WordPress tutorial, you don't have to spend thousands of dollars on a web designer. Now you can make a professional website yourself! Get the best Webhosting: Use coupon code "Ferdy" for an extra discount. Get The Elementor Page Builder: Timestamps: 00:00 Intro 04:01 Get A Free Domain and Webhosting 08:40 Install WordPress 13:28 Clean Up And Configure Your WordPress Website 17:20 Create A SEO Friendly Site Title 21:42 Branding: Colors 26:10 Get The Blocksy Theme 29:19 Make or Outsource and Upload Your Logo 33:07 Create A Menu With Pages 41:55 Insert Your Branding Colors Into Your Website 45:41 Configure Your Blocksy Theme Header 52:22 Branding: Fonts 57:09 A Nice CSS Trick 01:03:23 Make Your Header Sticky 01:06:58 Create A Call To Action In The Header 01:10:49 Install And Configure Elementor 01:18:26 Create A Transparent Header 01:25:18 Optimise Your Header On All Devices 01:29:43 Introduction To The Elementor Flexbox Container 01:54:44 Padding and Margin 02:01:43 Create Shape Dividers 02:03:32 More Elementor Flexbox Features 02:14:25 Link Any Text To A Global Color 02:39:55 Create Animations In Elementor 02:44:12 Optimise Your Elementor Page For All Devices 02:53:46 Create The About Page 03:04:45 Make Use Of Third-Party Elementor Plugins 03:15:44 Make A Page In Elementor Using Copy and Paste 03:33:09 Create The Contact Page 03:42:13 Create A Footer On Your WordPress Website 03:54:38 Create A Portfolio and A Blogpost 03:56:24 Follow-Up Tutorials Follow Up Tutorials Sell Products On Your Website Using WooCommerce: Rank Higher In The Google Search Results With RankMath: Create a Blogpost that Makes You Money: Create an Email List Using ConvertKit: I will show you how to get your .com domain name for free if you don't have one. Then we will install WordPress. WordPress is the most powerful website builder on the web. It powers more than 43% of all websites on the internet. And it is free! Then we will create this website from scratch using a free WordPress theme and a free page builder called Elementor. We will not just build a website. No, I will also talk about branding and choosing the right colors for your website. I will show you which fonts to use and how to create or outsource a logo. Elementor is a fantastic free page builder that enables you to create your pages using a simple drag-and-drop method. Using the Elementor Flexbox Container, it is easy to build your website. And if you want to change something? Just click, and change the content. That is how easy it is. We will use global branding colors on our website, so if you want to change colors, they will change on the whole website. So with a few clicks, you can change the look and feel of your website. With the header, you can create something like this, but also like this, or this. You can make your whole header sticky or just a part of it. And you can make parts of your header transparent like this or this. And when you scroll, you can add a different logo. And it is all really simple to set it up like this. I will also show you how to create all these pages from scratch. This is what my homepage looks like, but with the skills I teach you in this tutorial, you can also make a homepage like this, or this, or this. And, of course, the website we will make will be optimized for all devices. Desktops, tablets, and smartphones. And if you want to, you can learn how to create blog posts on your website, so you can be found through organic search results, which can bring you more potential clients. You can create a portfolio page and showcase your work. We will discuss creating the right title for your website and finding high-quality images. External plugins give your website more functionalities, like extra Elementor elements and a contact form so people can reach out to you. We will save parts of our website so we can use them repeatedly. Or copy and paste parts of your website with a few clicks. When you watch this tutorial, you can create a professional website and even consider making websites for others and generating an extra income source. Tons of people who follow my tutorials have thanked me because they are now full-time web designers. I get a commission from every sale, but you don't pay more money! That makes it possible for me to make those in-depth WordPress tutorials for free. #wordpresstutorial #elementortutorial #flexbox


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