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Title:360. Gorgeous Jar Lid! Best Color Palette, Crucial Tips! Create More Art…That SELLS!!!

Hi Everyone, Thank you for joining with me for this bloom creation on glass jars lid. I had fun creating this thumbnail showing the uniqueness if all my blooms. In this tutorial, I provide tips on getting paint into all the little hard to reach spots and final finish. All Jar Lids are Resined. Some news about the Giveaway that I'll reveal the winners next video!! If you're new here please join me, hit 'ALL"🔔and the bell, comment, you'll get all my tutorials. It's free and is an easy way to support my channel and growth. Please join me on Facebook as well: All of my creations are for sale, so if anything catches your eye or if you're interested in a custom piece, reach out to me: Also my music is from - Epidemic Sound or David Irvine VALUABLE VIDEOs and Product LINKS: 1. Video 140: How I Mix My Pouring Medium (PM), Paints and close-up on consistencies and Pillow: 2. How I Mix My Cell Activator (American Floetrol CA Recipe): 3. LAYERING CA Video 129: 4. My spinner off Amazon: 5. Serving Tray off Amazon Link - 6. KS Resin 10% off Discount Code ~ LouiseMcKay10 and Link: 7. CLOCK MECHANISM used here: 8. Lazy Susans from Ikea. THIS POUR...The DETAILS: The details: Pillow paint: Multi-Pro 47-3110 My Pouring Medium is the Valspar Ultra 833124 Base C high gloss: MinWax gloss varnish ~ 3:1 ratio to start, adjusted for consistency from there, aiming for a 2-3 second trace when mixed with paints. My video 140 shows all about how I mix my Bloom PM and paint. In the video I use Glidden, but the Valspar is comparable, both work fine: Paints called out in the video (colors) Cell Activator: American Floetrol CA: -Amsterdam Titanium White -Oxide Black If any of these pieces catch your eye, including coasters, just email me at: Or check out my website: If you’ve been inspired or found my tutorials useful and would like to give back, you can help support my future tutorial creations: Please follow and support me on: - TikTok: - Instagram: - Pinterest: - Facebook: Thanks for reading... and watching, hope you enjoy! Louise Best color combinations for acrylic pouring, Learn to Paint Fluid Art for Beginners, Acrylic Painting Tips For Beginners, How to Use Acrylic Paint for Beginners, Abstract Art, Fluid Art, Acrylic Pouring, Pour Painting, Paint Pour, Acrylic Painting, Acrylic Pour, Pour Painting, Paint Pour, Straight Pour, Acrylic Painting, Bloom, art therapy, transfer swipe, fluidart , art therapy, abstract art, acrylic, pouring, sheleeart, paint pouring, pour, #fluidart #sheleeart #arttherapy #mentalhealth #swipe #spinart #fluidart #acrylicpouring #pourpainting #abstractart #paintpouring #acrylicpaintingforbeginners #fluidarttutorial #flowarts #pourart #acrylicpainting #bloomonjarlids #functionalart scoop and drag, experimental design, contemporary art, acrylic painting, abstract art, acrylic pouring, pouring medium, satisfying video, waterfall acrylics, composition in art, abstract acrylic painting, cells,split cup, pouring split cup technique, sandwich pour, acrylic flip cup, art therapy, pigments molly kanella olga sarah mack golden fluid acrylics mina villegas scoop and drag, fluid art, diy crafts, DIY Art GSG MMPW GIS GIP PPCL DAOb DAK GCK


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