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Title:6 Times Hinduism Proved Science Wrong ft. Author Akshat Gupta

The Hidden Hindu - Support Us Here - On Screen: Akshat Gupta Instagram: What happens when Shani's shadow falls on you? What is shani ka prakop? Is shani dev scared of hanuman? Akshat Gupta is back on RAAAZ yet again with lesser known stories from our ancient scriptures. This video delves into the life and mysteries of shani dev. Shani, also known as Saturn in astrology is one of the 9 planets in astrology. Shani is responsible for what is known as saadhe saati. As a best-selling author, screenwriter, and lyricist, Akshat Gupta explores the stories of shani dev's birth, his relationship with his mother, shani and hanuman, and other unknown stories. Understand astrology and the advancements of hindu culture throughout history. and much more. There are thousands of such interesting and mind-blowing stories in our ancient Indian scriptures that are yet to be discovered. We at RAAAZ are trying to unveil such stories from our glorious past. If you liked the video, subscribe to RAAAZ for more ansuni, andekhi, ankahi kahaaniya. Tales of Mahabharata: Stories from Ramayana: Indian History & Mythology: Mysteries and Conspiracies: Dark Secrets Of... हमें support और follow करे: RAAAZ Clips: INSTAGRAM: FACEBOOK: LINKEDIN: TELEGRAM: #raaaz #shanidev #sanatandharma ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Raaaz is all about curiosity. We delve into India’s glorious past and uncover fascinating stories that have been lost in the pages of history. We delve into ancient scriptures and try to find the reasons behind our rituals, beliefs and culture. We explore complex scientific phenomena and try to make sense of them. From action-packed real stories of heroism to diving into the minds of ruthless criminals. From grim subjects like death and the end of life to the possibility of life existing on other planets. We at Raaaz are on a journey to find answers to all these questions. So if you are a curious mind and like to explore the mysteries of the world, then get on board and subscribe to Raaaz!


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