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Title:The TRUTH about my Haas Mills | Pierson Workholding

Interested in CNC Mills from Haas Automation? A while back I made a video about all my Doosan Lathes (Doosan Puma 2600, Doosan MX2100 ST, Doosan Lynx 220 LSYC, Doosan Lynx 220 LC) but in this video I'm going to talk about all my Haas Mills (Haas VF-2, Haas VF-2SS, Haas VM-3, Haas VF-4SS, Haas EC-400 Horizontal Mill, Haas HTS-400 Tool Presetter). I've owned 12 CNC Mills and currently have 7 on the machine shop floor. So why did I sell some, what did I replace them with and I answer the question - Would I buy a particular Haas CNC Mill if I knew back then what I know now? Link to our 4 used RotoVise Pros 👉 If sold out, use coupon code *YTRV24* for 10% off a new RotoVise Pro 👉 Pierson Plus YouTube Channel 👉 --------------------------------------------------------- Follow Pierson Workholding! 🌎 Website 👉 🟥 Youtube 👉 📸 Instagram 👉 📘 Facebook 👉 🤝🏽 Linkedin 👉 🎧 Lean Built Podcast 👉 --------------------------------------------------------- **Recommended Playlist** Fixture Friday Series: THIS is the playlist to watch if you want to learn about designing fixtures. 00:00 Introduction to my Haas CNC Mills 00:34 2015 Haas VF2 05:25 2017 Haas VF4SS and TRT210 08:06 2018 Haas VF2 and HRC210 12:01 2019 Haas UMC-500 15:58 2020 Haas VF2SS and HRT160 21:53 2021 Haas VM3 25:30 Pierson Plus Channel - 28:19 Link to a discounted RotoVise Pro - 32:44 Haas HTS-400 Tool Presetter #haasautomation #cncmilling #haascnc


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