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Title:هل تعلم؟ | الجزائر - أسئلة و أجوبة حول الجزائر للأطفال (الحلقة 19) - ثقافة عامة – تعلم مع زكريا

Do you Know is a learning program on Learn with Zakaria’s channel, kids have 15 seconds to answers 10 questions. Today’s topic is: Algeria Questions: 1- What is the name of the capital of Algeria? 2- Which of the following flags is the flag of Algeria? 3- Where is Algeria located? 4- When was Algeria freed from French colonialism? 5- Which sea borders Algeria to the north? 6- Which of the following cities is located in Algeria? 7- What name do we give to Algeria? 8- When did the Algerian liberation revolution break out? 9- Which of the following cities is not located in Algeria? 10- What is the official currency used by Algeria? Hope you enjoyed this video on «Learn With Zakaria» Channel. Welcome to our children’s channel: Learn with Zakaria, a good place where kids and parents can find great learning content every week. Our channel is packed with great educational videos that will make your children laugh and smile while teaching them alphabet, colors, shapes, names of animals, fruits, vegetables and much more… in Arabic, English and even French. Your kids will also enjoy learning and memorizing “Quran” in a fun and unique way, with our cute characters. We hope you will enjoy our content on Zakaria›s Channel. Don’t forget to click the subscribe button :) For more learning videos click here: Visit our website: Follow us on Facebook: Follow us on Instagram:


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