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Title:서울 강남 침수! 115년만의 기록적 폭우 현장 걷기🚨맨발의 시민들, 물폭탄에 쑥대밭된 1시간의 기록! 정전, 암흑가된 강남역 클럽 골목, 폭우 빗소리 asmr, 서울 트래블 워커

Hello, My friends. This is "Seoul Travel Walker," a promotional channel in every corner of South Korea. Citizens crossing the road to get a taxi A woman digging through the water to find her lost property, What would she have lost? Today, Gangnam-daero, Seoul, which was flooded by sudden heavy rain Real scene footage of the club alley that has become dark due to a power outage I'll show you. The central region is the first record heavy rain in 80 years, and it is the first time in 115 years of observation in Seoul. It was also the worst day of heavy rain on record. I started walking in a dark residential alleyway, and I heard loud thunder and A heavy rain begins to fall. Shops across the street that had been blacked out are starting to turn on again. It was like a scene from a movie. As I walked, my heart was pounding, startled by the loud sound of thunder. The water started to fill up on Gangnam-daero, and the citizens returning home You start walking through the water and on the road. Back alleys all over Gangnam are flooded with cars. The road starts to get lost. The heavy precipitation drains the sewers and breaks the asphalt. Fortunately, the underground shopping mall in Gangnam was well prepared for flooding, so the water did not fill up. In the back alley of the club, which is a busy street, there is a power outage, so people turn on their cell phone lights and It pours out through the darkness. Thousands of people are waiting for the bus at the bus stop. Even if you wait an hour The bus never came... How did they get home? Thank you for watching until the end. ▶Map: ▶Google Blog: ▶Instagram: ▶Business Inquiry: #GangnamHeavyRain#SeoulRain#Gangnam Rain Sound,Surprise heavy rain, Gangnam heavy rain, Seoul heavy rain, record heavy rain in 80 years in the central region, worst heavy rain in 115 years of Seoul observation, desperate escape on the way home, dizzying home, Gangnam parked in water bomb, Seoul water bomb, blackout club street, Blackout Gangnam, 100mm water bomb per hour, flooding all over Gangnam, Seoul’s record heavy rain, flooding all over Seoul, flooding in Gangnam, flooding Seoul, flooding Gangnam,Seoul Night Walk,Seoul Night View,Seoul Night Scenery,Seoul 4K Walker,서울 트래블 워커,Seoul Travel,Seoul Travel Walker,Seoul Korea,Rain Sound,Rain Asmr,4K Seoul Korea Walk.


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