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Title:10 Feminine Ways to Keep a Man's Interest *game changer*

#feminineenergy #masculinity I think most of us can agree that modern dating is a mess and modern marriage is pretty much all but dead. Men and women have never been more in the dark regarding how to cultivate & maintain attraction and, more so, how to build a relationship/love that lasts. As women, we’re no longer taught how to properly attract and love a good man and men are not taught how to attract and love a good woman - now like how our grandparents were. And there are so many reasons for this very sad state of affairs but in this video, rather than focusing on the “why” (I’ll go over the “why” more in another video), I want to equip you with some tools that will help you rise above and succeed in the modern dating scene so you can find & keep love. I really hope you enjoy this video - please "like" the video & subscribe if you do and please comment your thoughts! I also have manually added in subtitles. Support this channel and get access to perks: If you can't join the channel then you can still support my content by clicking "like", commenting, sharing it & watching the video all the way through 💞 Thank you *so* much for watching & please subscribe for more content like this. Instagrams: @jasmynetheodora (personal) & jasmyne.theodora (femininity content) Chapters: Intro - 0:00-2:09 Preface - 2:10-4:45 I. Give him problems to solve 4:46-6:08 II. Heart vs. accolades 6:09-8:51 III. Don't try to compete with him 8:52-10:18 IV. Be gentle yet firm with boundaries (respect) 10:19-14:03 V. Faux femininity 14:04-15:09 VI. Be wholesome 15:10-17:16 VII. Feminine mystery 17:17-18:42 VIII. Feminine quirks 18:43-19:23 IX. Let yourself grimace 19:24-20:24 X. Chivalry 20:25-22:29 Bonus (mothering) - 22:30-23:08 Outro - 23:09-23:39 Background Music: Lily's Dance - Million Eyes There Will Be Rain - Million Eyes Mercy of the Wind - Million Eyes Haze - Million Eyes In your dreams - Million Eyes Corny Old Love Song - Franz Gordon Altostratus - Franz Gordon ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hello everyone, welcome to my channel! I'm Jasmyne Theodora, I'm an Orthodox Christian and I make content about the art of femininity (from a virtuous, Godly perspective), lost female education, and traditionalism. Please do subscribe if you enjoy my content and thank you so much for watching. FAQ: Height - 5'9" Race - Biracial (black & white) Religion - Orthodox Christian Background - Bachelor's degree in psychology Relationship status - Married (& expecting a bebe) Location - Pacific Northwest Favorite book about femininity - "Eve in Exile" Some favorite Bible verses - Proverbs 31, 1 Peter 3:3-4, 1 Timothy 3:11 Business inquiries: please email me at (╹◡╹)♡ (if you see this, please comment an unpopular opinion of yours!)


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