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Title:How to take care circumcision on newborn baby? / Sheryl Squad

How to take care circumcision on newborn baby? / Sheryl Squad This has been one of the earliest pain I felt for Kylar as a newborn who has undergone circumcision… Sometimes it takes a full courage to take the decision giving what’s best for your baby. His journey was not easy seeing those cut each day yet as soon as the healing ❤️‍🩹 goes fast everything felt just so right for him. Please watch the video while sharing some tips on how to take care a circumcised baby that literally heals in just 5 days ☺️ Regarding the care i think just lucky that our baby didn't experience any excessive bleeding, after 5 days he was completely healed as I took a lot of extra care almost not sleeping at all to check the progress of healing... he is actually nearly 3mos now & i have only late upload of this video. He is perfectly healthy right now, thank God! In our country we are all encouraged to do it advised by many doctors for health issues. I just found out that this video has become sensitive to many with a lot of opposition about circumcision, unfortunately that kind of awareness has not been highlighted in our native land. Instead we are educated to believe the research benefits of circumcision include: Decreased risk of urinary tract infections (UTIs)Trusted Source, especially in the first year of a child’s life. Severe or recurrent UTIs can lead to kidney damage or even sepsis (a bloodstream infection). Decreased risk of contracting HIVTrusted Source, as well as some other diseases that are shared via sexual contact. (But it’s important to remember that circumcision is not a preventative for sexually transmitted infections!) Decreased risk of skin conditionsTrusted Source that can affect the penis, such as phimosis. Lower risk of developing penile cancerTrusted Source (although this cancer is very rare to begin with). Decreased risk of cervical cancerTrusted Source in the female partners of circumcised men. Others are too quick to judge but no one should blame in a disgusting way specially when your side of world does not exist in ours... Everyone deserves RESPECT.


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