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Title:I saved her OUT OF CONTROL yard. (Wait till you see the backyard)

Thanks to Endurant for sponsoring this video. I've been using it in my videos for 6 months or so. It's great to have a sponsor that is a product I've been using. I was driving around looking for somewhere to clean up for Free Mow Fridays when I say this place. I had to knock on the window as there was no access to the door. The backyard is much worse than the front. If you are interested in any of the equipment I'm using, check out my new page Turf and Tools where I review equipment that I am sent and use. If you'd like to send something for me to show, send me an e-mail Hi! My name is Tim The Lawnmower Man and I love to clean up overgrown yards and make fun videos doing it. I'm able to do them for free as these videos have ads on them and the revenue from that enables me to cover my cost. I'm always looking for the worst yards around. Sometimes I drive around looking for them, sometimes viewers send me suggestions. +++++ ▶️ LET'S BE FRIENDS 🎥 Twitch Live Streaming 📸 Instagram: 🍭 TikTok: 📧 E-mail: ++++++ I know you’re here for Long and Tall grass videos, so be sure to check out my Long Grass Playlist and be sure to SUBSCRIBE for more videos! ++++++


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