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Title:Haiwan Episode 1 & 2 - 10th October 2018 - ARY Digital [Subtitle Eng]

#Haiwan #FaysalQureshi #SanamChaudhry #MyChildMyResponsibilty Haiwan | A Compendium Of Ignorance And Regret Haiwan is an intense story of an unforgivable sin that leads to a lifetime of guilt and regret. Hameed, played by the maestro, Faysal Quraishi, is a rude and stern man who has a habit of frequent drinking. His life changes when he commits a crime under the influence of alcohol. Kulsum, played by the veteran, Iffat Omar, is Hameed’s wife. She has a compromising nature and tries to keep the family together at all times. They both do not get along because of Hameed’s nature. Kulsum quietly bears his attitude for the sake of her family. Azra, played by the legendary, Sawera Nadeem, is a widow who lives a simple life with her two daughters, Momina and Masooma. She lives opposite Hameed’s house. Momina, played by the gorgeous, Sanam Chaudhry, is the eldest daughter of Azra. She is a fun loving girl who loves her mother and younger sister. Masooma, played by Areesha Ahsan, is the youngest daughter of Azra who has severe asthma. Her mother is always concerned about her health and does not like to leave her alone. The three of them live a contented life until Masooma suddenly goes missing. This tragic incident changes their lives forever. Maan, played by Wahaj Ali, Sawera, played by Maryum Noor and Javeria, played by Hoorain, are the children of Hameed and Kulsum. Maan is the eldest, followed by Sawera and Javeria. Javeria aka Jojo, the youngest daughter of Hameed is best friends with Masooma. Hameed’s son Maan lives in America. He comes back to Pakistan and starts taking interest in Azra’s eldest daughter, Momina. Directed By: Mazhar Moin Written By: Sara Sadain Syed Cast: Faysal Qureshi as Hameed Sawera Nadeem as Azra Sanam Chaudhry as Momina Iffat Omar as Kulsum Wahaj Ali as Maan Areesha Ahsan as Masooma Maryam Noor as Sawera Hoorain as Javeria Watch “Haiwan ” Every Wednesday at 08:00 to 10 :00 PM only on ARY Digital. Andriod App: IOS App:


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