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Title:Build a TikTok Clone in React Native and AWS Backend [Tutorial for Beginners] 🔴

Let's learn React Native by building the TikTok clone from scratch even if you are a beginner 📚 Enroll NOW for "The Full-stack Mobile Developer" and save 30% 🚀 Download the Asset Bundle (Images, Dummy data, PDF presentation): 🐱‍💻 Source code: 💬 Join the notJust Development gang and let's build together: If you are a beginner that wants to learn javascript and react native, or and advanced javascript developer that wants to get into mobile development using react native then this Livestream is for you. This is a perfect opportunity to follow along and build this application together with us, and add it to your portfolio as it will help you land your next job. If you finish the app, tag me on social media and I will give you feedback. We will start building the TikTok clone from scratch, starting from setting up a React Native project using Expo and finishing with connecting the application with a GraphQL backend using AWS Amplify. We will walk through designing the UI layout of the app, structuring everything in components, and putting everything together. We will also implement navigation between screens, header bars, and tab bars for the TikTok menu. For the backend, we will be using AWS Amplify, which is an amazing combination of tools and services from AWS, that helps us build mobile and web applications faster. It offers pre-made authentication components and flows, database, API (REST and GraphQL), storage, and much more. Doing the TikTok clone yourself is a great opportunity to practice React Native, modern Javascript, Typescript, AWS Amplify. We are always trying to use the latest technologies and best practices, so that's another opportunity to learn something new, being it functional components, hooks, state, navigations or AWS and Amplify. Tag me on social media when you finish the Whatsapp Clone, and I will give you feedback on your code. LinkedIn: IG: Twitter: Timecodes: 0:00 Intro 6:22 About GraphQL API 12:34 Setup Amplify Project 27:02 Add GraphQL API 1:20:15 Authentication 1:57:29 React Native Camera 2:04:21 Setup Multidex 2:51:15 Upload video to S3 3:26:14 Demo #VadimSavin #notJustDevelopment


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