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Title:3 Easy Transition Shooting Drills for Your Basketball Team

In this video, you will learn 3 Transition Shooting Drills to help your basketball team get game-like shots at game speed. These drills are great for all ages and will improve your team's ability to score in transition. These competitive shooting drills will prepare your team to get great shots in transition as well as help condition them for the game. Click the link below to download the diagrams & descriptions for all 3 Transition Shooting Drills plus 2 BONUS Shooting Drills: ⏩ Now let's explore what you will learn about in this video... 3 Transition Shooting Drills 0:00 Free PDF Download 0:15 Drill 1: Baseline Drive 0:50 Drill 2: Drag Screen & Hard Roll 4:32 Drill 3: Pistol Action 9:13 Free PDF Download 11:22 ⏩ Download 5 Transition Shooting Drills: LINK TO SQUEEZE PAGE ___________________________ If you want more competitive shooting drills like these then check out our progressive shooting system, Snap Shot Shooting from 3X FIBA Cup Gold Medal Winning Coach, Nick LoGalbo. This system will teach them reads & actions that develop high IQ basketball players. You're going to discover reads and counters within the drills so your players know how to attack various defensive looks. Plus, your players will increase their basketball IQ and immediately recognize a defense's weakness and the best way to attack. Take your team to the next level and improve your team's shooting percentage with Snap Shot Shooting. Click below to learn more! ⏩


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