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Title:How To Fry Scream | Metalcore Tutorial

How to scream is a common question I get asked by many people attempting vocals in the metalcore, deathcore, hardcore, deathmetal and djent sound. So in today's vocal screaming tutorial I'll be showing you my tips and technique on how I fry scream safely, avoiding damage, things to look out for, types of metal vocals, and other great information that I've learned in the past 19 years of doing vocals. I am Brendon Padjasek of the band Structures and I also played in Northlane for 2 years on the Alien cycle before taking a step back to work from home. Welcome to my channel based on modern metal, djent, and deathcore music, production, mixing and song writing. In this lesson I'll show you how I haven't killed my vocal chords after almost 20 years of screaming style vocals. A lot of information I learned from my vocal coach / instructor, as well as things I've picked up along the way. Grab some water and try somethings out with me. Thanks! @chrisliepe warm up video: Pitch Scream Tutorial: Writing Vocal Patterns License one of my instrumentals to use for your own project: Record and Layer Vocals: Mix Metal Vocals: #scream #vocals #metal 0:00 Intro 0:45 Screaming Approaches 1:24 Examples of My Approach 2:05 Avoiding Damage 3:00 Stretch/ Warmups 4:52 Projection 6:06 The Uvula 7:03 Screaming Technique 8:38 Pitch Changes 9:40 Recap/ Extras


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