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Title:I Made an AI Automated Youtube Channel - Here's What Happened in 30 Days

How much growth & money can I make from a Youtube automated with AI? I tested both shorts & long-form videos for 30 days. Here's how. 0:00 Intro 0:22 Choosing a niche 1:07 ChatGPT for Youtube shorts See below for prompt 3:14 Mass producing shorts on Canva 10:26 Renaming videos with Python Prompt: i have a csv of 2 columns: Topic and Filename. write a python script to rename all the files of Filename.mp4 to Topic.mp4 based on the csv Script: 12:41 Setting the default description 14:04 Switching the background 15:36 Shure SM7dB The gold standard mic just got better, with a built-in preamp! Buy now: 16:19 Long form videos - choosing topics 17:19 ChatGPT to write script Prompt: Write a long article about:_______. Avoid point form. Use short sentences. Use paragraphs only 19:40 Fliki to generate video 23:59 Making the thumbnail 25:20 Results! Prompt: Create me 10 sets of facts in the same style as the below examples, and format them in a table where one column is the topic, one column is the point 1, one column is the point 2, and the last column is point 3. Do not repeat any points. These should be points about health, wellness, mindfulness, relationships, exercise, sleep, happiness. They'll be formatted as a topic, point 1, point 2, and then point 3. Keep the points/facts/advice engaging, polarizing, over the top and relatable to everyone or people in particular situations. The reading grade should be under grade 7 ideally. Each point should be very short & concise. Here's a few examples: Topic: How to get better sleep point 1: Stick to a consistent sleep schedule. point 2: Limit screen time before bed point 3: Avoid caffeine and sugary snacks Prompt 2: Try to use more 'how to' topics Discover thousands of AI Tools. Also available in 中文, español, 日本語: Here's our equipment, in case you're wondering: GPU: RTX 4080 Secondary GPU: GTX 1080 (too old, would not recommend) Mic: Shure SM7B Secondary mic: Maono PD400x Audio interface: Scarlett Solo CPU: i9 11900K Mouse: Logi G502 If you found this helpful, consider supporting me here. Hopefully I can turn this from a side-hustle into a full-time thing!


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