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Title:March Core Update Analysis with Lily Ray (Ep. 334)

As we come to the end of the March 2024 Core update, many things have changed in the Google landscape, and it’s time to start looking at where we landed. And to help you navigate these changes, we wanted to bring a guest that’s out in the trenches every day - Lily Ray 🔥 If you don’t know her from her work in a large SEO agency in New York, then you definitely know her as a prominent and very opinionated character in the industry - she shares a ton of interesting insights about SEO on social media, including a lot of original research. In this episode, Lily and Gael get straight to it and cover many of the hottest topics in search right now, including: 👉 the visibility changes of pure content sites and how your business model may affect your visibility 👉 Reddit and Quora monopolizing search results and how long it may last 👉 HCU, and the divergence between Google’s guidelines and what we observe 👉 signals outside of the “traditional” that Google is giving a lot of importance to these days We also take a look at specific examples - and they often break the rules - so don’t miss out on this one. ____________________________________________ A special thanks to our sponsors for this episode, the all-in-one SEO tool set, Ahrefs: ____________________________________________ Looking for 100s of more episodes like these? Check out our main YouTube channel: Or visit our podcast page: ____________________________________________ More about Lily Ray Twitter: LinkedIn: ____________________________________________ Related Episodes You Might Like 7 Sites Beating Google's Algorithm (Ep. 330): Cyrus Shepard Spills Google Secrets (Ep. 329): ____________________________________________ Love this episode? Here’s an easy way to leave a review - they really help us a lot: Leave us a review on Amazon: Leave us a review on Apple Podcasts: Leave us a review on Spotify: Leave us a review on Podchaser: ____________________________________________ ► If you want to learn how to start and grow profitable authority sites, visit The Authority Site System: ► Subscribe: to learn more secret authority site tips. ► Facebook: ► Instagram: ► Twitter: ► LinkedIn: ____________________________________________ Looking to expand your remote team in the next year? Save yourself the hassle of trying to find good candidates, and use our recruitment company to lock in team members that are ready to add value from Day 1 - for a fraction of the price you’d pay locally. Did we mention that it’s 100%-risk free? Book a call with Marketing Pros for any of your recruitment needs today: ____________________________________________ Timestamps: 00:00 Intro 02:10 Unhelpful content in Google 04:11 Takeaways from the March Update 06:03 SERP features 07:05 Winner from the update 10:48 Similarities to ‘Penguin’ 14:27 Unfairly hit by HCU 17:55 Chaotic vs. Templated content 21:01 Category bias? 22:12 Dangers of following the crowd 23:53 Google’s mixed communications 27:36 Business model as a ranking factor 31:25 Evolution of SEO 35:19 EEAT vs. Domain Authority 39:39 May(day) 5th 43:44 The consequences 45:55 Adapting to Google products 50:17 Impact of SGE 56:04 TL:DW


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