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Title:how Bts makes everything iconic af

#bts #btsiconicmoments #btsvideos #btsiconic #btsiconiclines #btslines #btsfunnymoments #btstrynottolaugh #btsmoments #btsiconicmoments FAIR USE: Copyright Disclaimer under Section 107 of the copyright act 1976, allowance is made for fair use for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favour of fair use. I do not own the credits of any of the video clip. All contents belongs to Big Hit Entertainment. I edited the video for entertaining purposes by adding texts,music,memes,etc …..No copyright infringement intended. Do not reupload I edited the video by adding my own commentary and narratives (thoughts,message,humour,jokes,etc ) through text Thank you~ 0:02 elmariah jin 0:18 I'm not your oppa 0:27 pardon 0:52 sexy brain 0:58 see u next year nd pornessia parapiyo 1:07 love is hope 1:14 hey my turn 1:24 i want eat 1:35 nico nico ni 1:50 jiminbraa 1:56 my heart is red 2:13 i love you is the easiest 2:21 I'm god 2:33 hey jimmy I'm jimin 2:41 I'm shy 2:52 dont worry im not afraid 3:07 im pig 3:17 I'm good boy 3:25 i lub panda Express 3:34 ding dong nd nuga nareul bagado 4:01 flower flawer flawor 4:07 strange sh*tty 4:15 i wannabe a dad 4:26 my heart boom boom 4:30 excise me sirrr 4:33 jimin you got no jams 4:42 i bought your heart 4:50 poopaapooh 4:55 jk screem 5:00 trusfrated 5:10 party party yeah 5:20 r ur legs tired 5:26 sprite 5:38 not no no never 5:58 u just had your breakfast 5:52 pizza pasta 5:59 escuse meeeee 6:10 whats poppin guys 6:15 yeah baby 6:20 I'm bad boy 6:25 i know her face but i dk her name 6:44 World wide handsome jin 7:09 bow bow bow 7:22 we're so lovely 7:35 hey jimin you nice keep going 7:40 I'm your hope u're my hope 8:00 everybady say nooo 8:23 calm down my daughter 8:35 rrraaap monster 9:09 stob it 9:27 this is never gonna be 9:38 strawberry 9:48 jiminssi~ 10:04 joker guy 10:28 listen boy 10:37 well then look it up 10:50 i have no friend 11:10 j-i-m-i-n- this is my name 11:20 jack come back 11:25 papa mochi 11:48 uri jibe wae wanni 11:58 I'm little shy 12:02 lets get it ⚠ do not re upload my video or use any clips from my video... Disclaimer - the videos and clips in the video does not belong to me. Copyright to the rightful owner. I just edited the video by rearranging them and adding text,sound,music ,effects etc ~thank you Goal - 500 subscribers thank you for supporting me last goal - 100 subscribers ☑ ✨🤧


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