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Title:How TAPE helps toddlers TALK - Tips from a Speech Therapist

⬇️Toddler falling behind on milestones? Help your toddler learn to talk in Adrienne's step-by-step online class here: ⬇️Download your Free Milestone Checklists from birth to 5 years old: ⬇️Learn Sign Language from Adrienne here: Worried your toddler is falling behind on their talking skills? Get your free Milestones Checklist so you can check off the skills they have and feel confident that they are moving in the right direction. You can find me: Facebook: Instagram: VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: So many ideas on pinterest but its so overwhelming. Which ones do you choose for tour child based on their age, how do you know if your child is gonna like it? What if you spend all this time on this pinterest craft and your kid just runs away. They don’t want to have anything to do with it, they’d rather play with a box. You are a parent or caregiver of a toddler and lets be honest, sometimes you just want someone to spoon feed you some ideas for a change. You just want simple, go-to easy things to do with your child that you know are going to help them learn language, cognitive skills, social skills, and more. You wanna get the most bang for your buck. We all want our children to start off on the right foot. I’m Adrienne and I am a speech language pathologist and I have tons and tons of ideas for you. But I am going to keep them really simple and short in short bite-sized videos that you can watch on a rainy day when you need some inspiration. You’ve heard that playing with your child is how they learn and you want to play with them, you want to help them grow, but you don’t know where to start. Take simple everyday household items that you already have and transform them into a toy where your playing with your child,your child is learning, and you are both having fun together. Alright. the first item that you probably already own is a roll of tape. Scotch tape, duct tape, any kind of tape that you have will work. Painters tape. This can be a vocabulary activity. They are learning the words: tape, roll, circle, hat, pull, rip, tear, ouch, sticky. You can take a piece of tape and put it on your nose and say, “Where’s the tape?” “Nose!” You can talk about body parts, you can talk about ears, shoulders, elbow, you can stick it to their nose, you can stick it to their elbow, to their shoes, you can say, “Where’s the tape, oh! It’s on your shoes!” You can target all kinds of language. Put it on your ear and say, “Oooh, earring!” You can take a little roll of it and make a bracelet, you could make a ring. If your child is a little bit older, you can talk about little, bigger, biggest. Take a piece of tape and roll it on your carpet, stick it down on the ground and take a toy car and roll it as if its a road. Tape’s fun to draw on, so if you are learning letters, numbers, shapes. You can draw on the tape and you can talk about triangle, “Can you put the triangle on the door?” Rip of the tape, see if they can follow some early direction. Put the triangle on the door, Put the square under the couch, Can you put the star on your nose? You can take the roll of tape and pretend that its a hat. And you you can go, “Ahhh, ahhh, achoooo!” And you can talk about the word sneeze, bless you, oh no, I’m sick! You can pretend that its something that you can talk on the phone with, “Hello! Oh hi! It’s for you.” Do some pretend play to increase their creativity and their imagination. You can make a caterpillar with the tape, and you can talk about pom poms, and you can use the word: on, stick, go. Be really repetitive so that they learn these words and then you can make it go, say, “Go go go go go caterpillar!” They are learning tons of vocabulary. You can even use tape to put on your child’s favorite toys so here’s a little plastic fish, you can pretend that its swimming, you can talk about the word: fish, swim, water, wet, dry him off, you could actually dip it in water and have them play with that. You could attach a little pen and pretend like you are fishing. So you could have this fish on the ground and you could try to pick it up with the tape. Oh! Caught a fish! So you are targeting lots of vocabulary, pretend play, pretending that you are fishing. Take your child’s favorite stuffed animal or a puppet like I have and you could say, “Put it on his eye, ooooh eye, put it on his nose, put it on his mouth, put it on his hand. Then you can talk about the word: off, off, off, off, off, off. Repetition is wonderful for language development and learning. Disclaimer: ALWAYS supervise your child while using tape. For safety, do NOT leave your child unattended with a roll of tape. Obviously, do not tape anyone's mouth...I mentioned it at the end of the video as a joke/blooper.


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