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Title:Autoloader How it Works T90 M | Main Battle Tank Engineering Explained

The T90 Tank has a length of 6.8 meters or 22.3 feet measuring only the Hull. It has a Width of 3.78 meters or 12.4 feet, while it has a height of just 2.3 meters or 7.5 feet. Comparing this to an average person will help you understand it better or even more interesting, let’s compare this to the World’s tallest Human at 8 feet 3 inches. as you can see it looks very small. This is the T 14 R mata tank, as you can see it’s much bigger and larger. Just besides the T90 tank is the British Challenger 2 , the Americans, Abrams tank, and the Lehperd 2A6 tank. Soviet tank philosophy is to have lighter and Lower profile tanks, the reason why it weighs around 48 Tonnes or 52 US Tonnes. Let’s Start from the front, it has an improved main gun a 125 mm Smooth Bore Gun, Interestingly it's the same Gun, being fitted on the T-14 Armata. Just beside it is the 7.5 mm Machine gun that could be fired by the Gunner using Fire control systems. Mysterious Strange Things Music by Yung Logos Instagram Twitter We make it on Blender Download it is free and Safe Peace Out As a Small Channel We encourage you sharing our Videos , But Kindly be advised that any unofficial translations or editing of our work in any medium will be considered a breach of our intellectual property rights. Apologies for the Legal Language, This happens because we had faced a lot of Duplicates Contents through Experiences ;) This has been a result of Big Channels Duplicating our Contents Ripping our original hard work which we have created from Scratch from Modeling to Rigging to Animation to Rendering.So we had to involved Lawyers.


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