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Title:Telenovela Manuela Episodio 60 HD

Gustavo tells his co-worker that he will travel to Ca┼łada Seca and will tell the truth to Mariana. Co-worker has doubts, that Gustavo will actually do that. Crying Bernarda explains the circumstances, which occured, when Bernarda was young girl. The intense love with Corrado was only possible solution to forget for a while the disasters of 2nd World War. Fernando arrived at office of doctor Villa. Doctor Villa makes precaution, that nobody will disturb him and Fernando, because he wants to tell him the truth about his sterility. Nurse, who visited Isabel in her hospital bedroom, informs her and Bernarda, that Fernando talks with doctor Villa, and it is regarding Isabel's disease. When the nurse left, Bernarda and Isabel stay in shock, because Fernando maybe knows the truth. Meanwhile, doctor Villa encourages himself to tell Fernando about his sterility, but when the time comes, Bernarda appears in the door. Doctor Villa yells at her to leave the place, and Bernarda does so. But the topic of the discussion are roots of Isabel's disease. Doctor Villa lost his confidence and will to tell Fernando the truth about his sterility. The problem with Isabel health is, that her skin and inners are getting old much times quicker than normal. It is some sort of aggresive leukemia. But the treatment, which began in Madrid by doctor Collazo, stopped the degeneration of Isabel's skin and inners. The most difficult task will be to reverse, what the disease has done to Isabel's skin, but it also could be treated successfully. Rudy and Manuela are almost packed up so the time has come to say farewell to Ameila, Rosario and other persons housed in Amelia's pension. Rudy appeals Amelia for telling nobody, that he and Manuela returned to Buenos Aires. It is precaution, so Fernando won't find her in future. Isabel returned from hospital and wants to make party in residence. Fernando disagrees and leaves into bedroom. Leopoldo suggests to wait some time to make the party. Rosario helps Manuela with pakcing the rest of their belongings. Rosario is sad, because she realizes, that Rudy will always love Manuela. Teresa asks Fernando in library, what's the disease, which Isabel suffers. Fernando explains, that the disease is over, but Isabel needs mental support, which Fernando can't give her properly. Bernarda and Isabel discuss in bedroom, if doctor Villa told Fernando the truth. Isabel supposes, that Villa didn't so. Cella enters the bedroom and is ordered to hide all the medication. Hearing these words, Cella remebers the same moment with Isabel's "so called" mother, madame Guerrero. Leopoldo asks Teresa, what happened between Fernando and Isabel and what's wrong with Isabel. Teresa doesn't answer that question and also reminds Leopoldo, what is he supposed to behave, if he wants to visit England and Wimbledon. Rudy says goodbye to Rosario, but Rosario makes it as short as possible, because seeing Rudy leave hurts her. Fernando watches Isabel's portrait but he remeber himself about time spent with Manuela. Manuela leaves the Rome with Rudy in taxi car. Fernando makes telephone call from his office to Amelia's pension. Amelia informs him, that Manuela and Rudy left, they didn't leave any address and they will probably make tour around Europe. After this call is done, Emilio orders Marcia, his secretary, to call Emilio in Rome. Estrella, Gustavo's ex-girlfriend, visits him in service station. Mercedes, Adelaida and Mariana discuss the plans for the day, which include shopping. Gustavo and Estrella make peace, few days ago, Estrella informed Gustavo, she is pregnant with him, but it was false positive. Emilio visits Amelia's pension and when he encounters the fact, that Manuela left, he leaves the message for her, that Fernando left in Buenos Aires due to illness of his wife. Gustavo calls Mariana and invites her in Buenos Aires in his flat. Gustavo wants to tell Mariana truth about him, his status and his father. Fernando calls Emilio in Rome. Emilio informs Fernando, that Manuela left Amelia's pension and left no address. Isabel discusses with Bernarda Isabel's suspects about Fernando's lover. Isabel feels, Fernando had lover, Bernarda isn't so sure. Isabel realizes, she could lose Fernando, and that everything she has done with help of Bernarda, didn't make her happy. Isabel wants to change things and she wants to slowly reveal the truth to Fernando. First step is, that Isabel reveals the truth about her disease to Fernando. Fernando doesn't understand, why Isabel hid the disease, but after a while, he comprehends, why Isabel did so. Isabel wants new beginning for her marriage with Fernando and he agrees.


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