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大家好,我们是姐妹花健身广场舞团。 👉欢迎订阅❤️: 每天将在这里分享不同种类的健身广场舞给同样热爱舞蹈的妳,涵盖有氧健身、减脂塑性、燃烧脂肪、排毒养颜、改善肩颈、告别亚健康、提升免疫力等多个方向,让更多健身广场舞爱好者能欣赏并学会自己喜欢的舞蹈!既锻炼身体又愉悦心情。谢谢大家的关注。 功能优点: 健身操锻炼目的是增加肺活量,促进体内血红细胞的氧代谢功能,全面提高训练者身体耐力的同时,减少体脂含量。 优点在于能锻炼心、肺,使心血管系统能更有效、快速地把氧传输到身体的每一部位。健身操较其他运动更有趣味性,动作也简单、易学,音乐节奏鲜明,有较强的愉悦身心和增强身体健康的实效性,可以让你在相当放松的情态下愉快地燃烧你的脂肪。 动作简单易学,又能锻炼颈、肩、腰、腹、腿等各部位,所以深受大众的喜爱。 注意事项: 刚开始时,应采取步伐走动的方式,以使身体和下肢有充分时间适应。开始不要做太长时间,以10分钟为宜。 初学者以每周两三次,隔日为宜。然后可适当增加次数,直到自己感觉适量为止。 感谢大家对我们的喜爱,我们会努力为大家分享更多优质的健身操!明天见! Hello everyone, we are sisters Hua Fitness Square Dance Group. 👉Welcome to subscribe❤️: I will share different kinds of fitness square dances here every day to you who also love dance, covering aerobic fitness, fat loss plasticity, fat burning, detoxification and beauty, improving shoulders and necks, saying goodbye to sub-health, and improving immunity. More fitness square dance lovers can appreciate and learn their favorite dance! Both exercise and feel good. Thank you for your attention. Functional advantages The purpose of aerobics exercise is to increase lung capacity, promote the oxygen metabolism of red blood cells in the body, and comprehensively improve the physical endurance of the trainer, while reducing body fat content. The advantage is that it can exercise the heart and lungs, so that the cardiovascular system can more effectively and quickly transmit oxygen to every part of the body. Aerobics is more interesting than other sports. The movements are simple, easy to learn, and the rhythm of the music is clear. It has a strong pleasurable body and mind and enhances the effectiveness of physical health. It allows you to burn your fat happily in a fairly relaxed state. The movements are simple and easy to learn, and can exercise the neck, shoulders, waist, abdomen, legs and other parts, so it is deeply loved by the public. Precautions At the beginning, you should take steps to move around so that your body and lower limbs have enough time to adapt. Don't do it too long at first, take 10 minutes. Beginners should take two or three times a week, every other day. Then you can increase the number of times until you feel the right amount. Thank you for your love to us, and we will try our best to share more high-quality aerobics for you!See you tomorrow!


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