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Title:JUHA - Lucifer in Love (Official Music Video)

#1 Alt Q Radio Hit - Official Selection for Grammy Nomination Considersation - As featured on Marc Almond's 'Marc Life' broadcast. “Lucifer In Love" is to the Biblical tale of Lucifer what 'Wicked' and its Witch of the West is to 'The Wizard of Oz'; frontman Collin Clay Chace recasts God's horny child as a misunderstood outsider with a heart of gold, persecuted by a dictatorship and its society of followers. In the song, it is not religion or God that Lucifer rebels against, but the bigotry disguised as religion that is used to pervert God’s name. “Lucifer In Love” aligns itself with minorities of kinds, and particularly with the LGBT community in a time when human rights are being shredded in the name of “religious freedom.” It’s also a homoerotic love story for outcasts and a sexy banger on the dancefloor. The Elliot Gonzo-directed video was shot in the epic woods and quarries of Dartmoor, and finds Lucifer hunting a pretty boy faun. Sonically, the song been compared to the 80’s New Wave of Duran Duran, Frankie Goes To Hollywood, and Grace Jones, with a good amount of Prince in the mix. It is the new single from Juha’s upcoming album ‘The Borders of the Mind.’ Directed by: Elliot Gonzo Costume and location scout: Alex Cawkwell for Feralize Creations Documentarian: Riccardo Guido The Faun: Nicholas Joseph The Demons: Jane Hall, Fernando Lopez Lucifer: Collin Clay Chace "Lucifer In Love" written by Collin Clay Chace and Brett Basil Produced by Collin Clay Chace, Brett Basil, and Jono Trott Mixed by Andy Brook Mastered by Daniel Husayn


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