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Title:Episode 33: Stu Allan, 1/4 - Anglesey's sole soul DJ, moving to Manchester & becoming its Rave King

ROAR welcomes the evergreen figure of Stu Allan for the first in a four-parter interview spread across a fortnight where he discusses exactly how he became the Rave King of Radio and the Northwest! In part one Stu - AKA, well, Stu Allan - tells The '90s Rave Podcast about his musical childhood in a band and how he became almost the only DJ from the small island of Anglesey in northwest Wales actively pushing soul music in the ‘70s and ‘80s, before being forced to move to Manchester due to unemployment in the Thatcher years. Despite admitting he didn’t much enjoy the vibe, music and punters during his first experience of raving, Stu soon a home in the emerging Manchester rave scene, pushing dance music through his famous shows on Piccadilly Radio and Key 103, during which time he gave A Guy Called Gerald both his first break and famous name. Catch part 2 on Wednesday, part 3 next Friday and part 4 the following Wednesday where Stu talks about refusing to be pigeonholed by playing all types of rave music, his pop success with Clock, pleasant sunday roasts his old mate Carl Cox, and the time he got so pissed off with an MC he chucked the poor lad’s mic in the sea! Plus we will have a bit of extra content dropping with a standalone ‘Get To Know’ Stu Allan dropping on Sunday and - hopefully - a guest mix next week, which members will receive first with the possibility to download. ENJOY ALL THIS GREAT RAVE CONTENT? IN THAT CASE WE NEED *YOUR* SUPPORT TO KEEP GROWING AND DEVELOPING! With lots of big plans and costs increasing, we have a new membership scheme where you can support us and get perks in return. Visit to sign up, or you can instead join our YouTube membership scheme on the main page, both of which are exactly the same. Or if you don’t want membership but would like to donate anything you can on a monthly or one-off basis via PayPal -​ We want to keep bringing you banging rave content, including interviews with all your favourite artists and promoters - but we won’t be able to without your support, so get involved NOW! Finally, you’ll notice we have all new handles on social media - we are now @ROARUKPods on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. #jungle #jungletechno #breakbeat #drumandbass #dnb #oldschoolhardcore #oldschool #rave #90smusic #raving #music #techno #happyhardcore #hardcorebreakbeat #housemusic #breakbeat #breakbeathardcore #the90s #1990s #90s #the1990s #acidhouse #hardcoretechno #hardtrance #dj #producer #stuallan #manchester #hacienda #shoom


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