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Title:Weird Genius - Lathi (ft. Sara Fajira) Official Music Video

Watch our new music video 'CATALYST' : Catalyst. - Weird Genius (ft. Pepita) [Official Music Video] - YouTube Listen to our new song 'CATALYST' on all platforms : OUT NOW! Stream on digital stores worldwide. FOLLOW WEIRD GENIUS SPOTIFY: INSTAGRAM: TWITTER: TIKTOK: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Reza Oktovian, Eka Gustiwana, Gerald Liu; the three now known as Weird Genius started making music together in year 2016. Each used to work on their own projects. Soon as the merge, they transmit everything they excel at into this collaborative venture. They draw inspirations from everywhere; what is coming out of love to life, social to gaming. The group self-describe their music as hard, upbeat, pumping, crazy-drop. This sound style is something they consciously develop since the beginning. Launching the first digital single in 2020, Weird Genius joins singer and rapper from Surabaya, Sara Fajira. The latest single titled 'LATHI' is available via download and streaming on all digital music platforms starting February 28, 2020. Staying on the electronic dance music track, they played a pumping beat entry that could not be separated from the main characteristic of Weird Genius, which is to combine traditional elements in every music. This time the Javanese culture was very thick even from the first note of the song to the end, plus a bridge using Javanese lyrics that was sung with the style of sinden by Sara. "The producing & recording process is quite fast, approximately one month. The lyrics are inspired by personal experiences that many couples might have experienced and were written by Weird Genius with Sara Fajira. Musically, we balance EDM and modern English with traditional culture from Javanese instruments and lyrics, "explained Weird Genius. The lyrics of this English song speak of a love relationship full of lies and egos that 'says' love but only hurts. Despite emphasising the dark side of the relationship, upbeat music and honest lyrics bring the implied meaning of courage and a strong stand in the face of 'a toxic relationship'. Described in a piece of Javanese lyrics "Kowe ra iso mlayu saka kesalahan. Ajining diri ana ing lathi", meaning "You cannot run away from mistakes. A person's self-esteem is on the tongue (words)", taken from the old Javanese proverb "Ajining soko lathi, ajining rogo soko busono." MV Credits: Director: Reza Oktovian & Creamypandaxx Editor: Creamypandaxx & Reza Oktovian DOP: Taufik Akbar Visual Fx: Yaanaako Ass. Dir 1: Nizar Alwardi Ass. Dir 2: Aditya Pratama Art Director: Andy Adrians Crew Art 1: Yoko Crew Art 2: Pablo Gaffer: Dwi Crew Lighting 1: Ryan Crew Lighting 2: Rifo In frame Artist: Sara Fajira Misyam Digail Traditional Dancer: @leviinaaaa Modern Dancer: - Choreographer: @_chenace - Dancers: @danceedancer @erizatrihapsari @ayugurnitha @nadindra Traditional Act: Sinar Betawi Sara Make Up: @brigittaliu Sara Hairdo: @bygiselav Traditional make up: @campernikrias Makeup & Hairdo Dancers: @hollymakeupstudio @brushedbydec Music Credits: Mixing & Mastering: @dhandyannora Studio: @roemahiponk Engineer: @ivaniponk Vocal Director: @oendari Songwriter: @ybrap, @ekagustiwana, @sarafajira Music Produced by: @_geraldgerald_ @ekagustiwana @ybrap Art Design: @rubahitam_ Produced by: Weird Genius Follow Weird Genius - Instagram: - Facebook: - Twitter: - YouTube: - Spotify: - Apple Music:


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