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Title:One-week construction time-lapse with closeups: Week 15 of the Ⓢ-series

Week 15 in the ongoing Ⓢ series, which follows the construction of a new 13-story senior living building in San Francisco. This is a #construction #timelapse with various closeups and "sub-time-lapses" at various speeds, condensing the week of May 11 - 16, 2020, into about 43 minutes. There are no "dad jokes" in this week's episode, but there is a fair amount of rain (at least for San Francisco, which doesn't get much rain). 00:00 - Mon (rebar, stairs, pump pipes, forms, rain) 06:45 - Tue (water barrier, rebar) 12:43 - Wed (crane, rebar, forms, water barrier, rain) 21:00 - Thu (rebar, electrical, rain) 29:21 - Fri (shotcrete, concrete) 35:56 - Sat (rebar, cleaning) 42:21 - Closing, previews Music licensed from Audio Network, listed below in chronological order. I inadvertently used a couple of the tracks twice, but I noticed it kind of late in the process and didn't want to spend the time to change it, and it actually seemed okay to repeat them. So, we'll just pretend that I meant to do that. Monday: Stop The Clock 2 — Jake Shillingford, Nicholas Evans (2939/44) Supercars 2 — Paddy Conn, Angelina Dove (3170/56) Tuesday: Under The Cold Light Of The Moon 2 — Geoff Rana, Paul Lani, Adam Alexander (3163/20) Wednesday: Stop The Clock 2 — Jake Shillingford, Nicholas Evans (2939/44) Just Reach For The Sky 2 — Julian Emery, Cenzo Townshend (3366/19) Thursday: Ocean Boulevard — Adam Drake, Tom Jenkins (3246/3) Sail On Through 2 — Miriam Speyer, Lincoln Grounds, Thomm Jutz (3101/43) Friday: Flying Like A Bird 2 — Paddy Conn, Angelina Dove (3170/93) Constant Changes 2 — Thomas Evans, Troy Matthews (3360/64) Saturday: Supercars 2 — Paddy Conn, Angelina Dove (3170/56) Find Your Freedom 2 — Bob Bradley, Matt Sanchez, Steve Dymond (2689/78) As usual, you're always welcome to listen to your own playlist instead if you prefer (there's no dialog in the video). This video is not endorsing or recommending, nor was it endorsed by, any business, product, or organization. The appearance of, or mention of, any person, business, product or organization in it is not necessarily an endorsement or recommendation of or by that person, business, product, or organization. This recording is of views and scenes visible to the public.


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