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Title:Broken Hill Last Train

Broken Hill Last Train is a full documentary of our trip from Sydney to Broken Hill on the Outback Explorer in April 2021. We start with a 5:00am departure from home, going over the Sydney Harbour Bridge in the dark and arriving at Central Station at 5:30am. The luggage check in is not until 6am so we do a tour of the grand concourse which is stunning. We were fortunate enough to travel in the first class carriage and the comparison to the economy class is only the fact that the seats recline to 22 degrees where in economy they only recline 10 degrees, plus the buffet is in the first class carriage. The train ventures through Sydney and suburbs in the early hours of the morning arriving at the Blue Mountains on sunrise. We have included stops at Orange and Ivanhoe. We have also included a food review of State rail's hot dinner which we found quite satisfactory. Music by Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy - Check Your Phone - Music by Noah Guy - Saltines & Gingerale - Timestamp 0:00 Countdown 0:07 Leaving home 0:22 Sydney Harbour Bridge 0:38 Central Railway Station 2:22 Broken Hill Outback Explorer 3:07 Tour of first class carriage 4:01 Central to Katoomba 5:05 Katoomba to Blayney 7:5 Blayney to Orange 8:33 Orange to Euabalong West 11:07 Way out west 11:54 Broken Hill tourist information 13:24 Outback scenery 14:20 Ivanhoe 15:22 Salt bush plains 16:00 Official food review 17:11 Menindee 18:57 Broken Hill 20:29 Outtro


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