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Title:Super Mario Maker 2: Story Mode (FULL PLAYTHROUGH)

Super Mario Maker 2 Nintendo Switch FULL GAME PLAYTHROUGH FULL STORY MODE!!! Super Mario Maker 2 Custom Developer Levels completed in story mode and Princess Peach's Castle Restored and Funny Creative Super Mario Maker 2 Custom Levels story mode playthrough FULL MOVIE ZXMany Super Mario Maker 2 gameplay!! Creative Super Mario 3D World style levels, no Super Mario Odyssey levels (maybe in Super Mario Maker 3?), Super Mario Land and Super Mario World and Super Mario Bros levels in Super Mario Maker 2 on Nintendo Switch!! #Mario #SuperMario #SuperMarioMaker2 I originally started recording this video a bit over a year ago (in October 2021 I believe), but I got busy with a bunch of other videos that I was working on, and I haven't had a chance to finish Story Mode! This is also why you'll notice at one part of the video that I say that Mr Beast's Team Seas project is "UPCOMING," because that part of the video was recorded over a year ago, which was before Mr Beast released his Team Seas project! The second half of the video was recorded recently, and I finally put together this video :) Really looking forward to trying out some online Super Mario Maker 2 levels, and I'd be really happy to check out levels that viewers recommend, you can leave some suggestions in the comments! YOU MIGHT ALSO LIKE: Super Mario MARBLE RACE!! (Super Mario 3D World Mods) - Bowser Jr Odyssey (FULL GAME Playthrough) - Wii Party Balance Boat (Expert: HARDEST DIFFICULTY!!) - TIMESTAMPS:


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