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Title:1: Import Real Landscapes into Unreal in under 30 minutes using Houdini and real world DTM data

ATTENTION: If you use non-UK based data set, the files might be larger than Houdini supports by default. If you run into this issue, check out this short video on how to change the Max file size supported in Houdini: The first video in a planned series on blistering fast and cutting edge terrain workflows using Houdini and Unreal. Learn how to use real world LIDAR data to produce digital terrain models which contain an unprecedented level of detail. It would take months of work to even begin to approach the level of complexity and detail we find in real world elevation data. So why not dance with the devil and take a shortcut, if you can conscience it. This is the first upload on this channel! Subscribe in order to see part 2 of this video when it releases. My microphone issues will be fixed in the next video! Chapters 00:00 Setup & Unreal 02:15 Open Source Lidar Data 04:15 Google Maps and Rant 07:50 End of Rant 09:40 Exporting the data 12:26 Getting Houdini 14:00 Houdini 15:05 Heightfield Import to Houdini 17:56 Heightfield Resolution 21:53 Heightfield Export from Houdini 30:04 Import to Unreal and scale Rations 34:22 Subscribe Below you can find links to a few online open-source Lidar Data sets. UK Lidar Explorer: Norway Open Source Lidar Explorer: United States Lidar Explorer: I recommend checking out Joe Garth's Brushify Channel and marketplace content. He's gone one step further and turned Lidar data into brushes that you can use to paint mountains in realtime in Unreal. You can find tonnes of his content on the marketplace.


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