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Title:Grow Lots of Tomatoes... Not Leaves // Complete Growing Guide

In this video, I've compiled everything you need to know to grow a ton of tomatoes instead of huge tomato plants with very little fruit! In this complete growing guide, I will show you how to grow the maximum amount of tomato plants in a small growing space by growing your tomatoes vertically. We will also go over common pests and diseases and how to handle them. Plus at the end, a final bonus... use just one secret ingredient to get increase disease resistance, get more fruit tastier fruit with higher nutrition value! GET MY NEW BOOK! "Companion Planting for Beginners" : If this video created more questions, I've just posted a follow up answering many of the questions that viewers left in the comments section. Here is that link: OTHER RELATED VIDEOS NEW!!! 2020!!! How to Plant Tomato Seeds for a Huge Harvest: Prevent and Treat Powdery Mildew: 2 Minute TIp to Get 10 X the Tomatoes!!!: June Tomato Garden Update: Product Links... ROCK PHOSPHATE: TOMATO FERTILIZER: UPDATED TO WHAT I USE NOW... Neptune’s Harvest Tomato & Veg Formula (5% Discount + Free Shipping) (Gallon) (Quart) PLANT CLIPS: NEEM OIL: BLACK LIGHT FLASHLIGHT: BT*: Rat traps: Uncoated Aspirin: * I forgot to mention BT by name but that is the spray I use for tomato worms ------- "Sun and Sky With Lens Flare" Courtesy: M424Filmcast Productions ( Licence links:


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