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Title:LEARNiNG to EDiT with ADLEY!! Summer School Project! Niko Bug Catching & Mom turns into a Crazy Baby

you can watch CRAZY BABiES the Cartoon on Spacestation Animation! LET'S BE FRIENDS -- HEY EVERYBODY!! School is ALMOST out for summer vacation, but we have one more class project before summer! Our teacher told us to make a presentation about our personality and the stuff we like to do in our free time, so I decided to make a project about making and editing videos! First, I had to decorate a box for my project, which will be my workspace for editing the videos! While I was finishing setting up the box, I told Dad to vlog what Niko and Navey were doing, then come back to see my presentation! He went outside to see Niko and Sadie catching bugs! Niko had already caught two bugs; one was a worm, and the other was a spider! He named the spider "Floofy," and the worm was named "Longy"! He was moving the bugs into a new habitat they built, and Niko’s hand got SO close to touching the spider! Then Dad went to check on Navey downstairs, where she was with Mom in Navey’s Mini Mega Mall! She helped Dad fix the vloggy’s leg at the Mall Hospital, and then she gave Dad some pizza from the food court! So when Dad came back, I was finally ready for my presentation! Like I said, my project is about editing, so first, we had to film a video. I told Mom to pretend she was a baby who wanted a bottle, and Dad was her babysitter. After we filmed the video, I got to work on editing it! I sped up the footage to make Mom sound more like a baby, and I added a burp pop-up after she drinks from the BaBa! I'm really excited to show my project to my class tomorrow at school! my last video - Adley is NOT the Boss!! Navey's mini MEGA Mall! Chef Mom & Monkey Niko visit our play pretend store my dad's last video - BiRTHDAY SURPRiSE for JENNY!! Family Party in a Fort and Disneyland stories with Adley Niko & Navey A for Adley Shorts - Best Day Ever Shorts - G for Gaming - Spacestation Animation - Bye vlog *pshhhhh*


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