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Title:The Poorest Town In Britain: "We Live On Nothing And We're Just Surviving"

It’s a weekday morning on Grimsby’s East Marsh estate - where residents are beginning their day in the poorest part of the nation. Of course, that’s not to say everyone here is living on the poverty line - but the data is striking. The average annual income for an entire household here sits at just £22,000 a year. That’s over £10,000 less than the UK national average - and almost a staggering £86,000 below London’s affluent Clapham area - which has the highest in the country at just above £108,000. For hundreds of years this port town in North East Lincolnshire on the River Humber estuary punched well above its weight. It’s fishing industry became known around the world - and at one point the town became the largest and busiest fishing port on earth. But after the industry started falling - poverty came next. And with the fish gone - the town changed with Job losses, low wages and a lack of infrastructure. Today average annual household incomes in the town’s East Marsh are the lowest of anywhere in England and Wales - making it the poorest part of the country. This is Real Britannia. Click here for more from TalkTV If you need any help visit: #grimsby #poverty #uk #ukpoverty #poorthings The Town Where People Die The Youngest: The Fattest Town In Britain: Town With Most UFO Sightings IN THE WORLD: The Poorest Town In Britain: Most Dangerous Place In Britain: Real Britannia Episode 6:


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