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Title:Top 8 Monica’s Worst Dates | Central Perk | Friends

This is a ranking of Monica's worst dates. All of them are shown in the best traditions of sitcom “Friends”. Even the most fucked up situations Monica perceives with humor and self-irony. Top 8 Ross' Wortst Dates - Top 10 Phoebe's Worst Dates - Top 10 Chandler's Worst Dates - Top 8 Joey's Worst Dates - Top 6 Rachel's Wost Dates - The rank of Monica's Worst Dates 8th place. Joey took Monica out on a double date. He told Monica that he would introduce her to a couple - brother and sister. But in reality it was a real couple. Joey just wanted to ruin their relationship and start dating Angela. 7th place. Monica dated the funny Bobby. It turned out that he was funny because he drinks a lot. Monica asked him to give up alcohol. Funny Bob turned sad 6th place.  Once Monica met a school friend. He was a popular guy. Chip asked Monica out on a date. Unfortunately, Chip hasn't grown much since Lincoln High. 5th place. Monica dated Julio. He was fond of poetry and dedicated a verse to it - An empty vase. Monica thought it was a romantic verse. Phoebe lowered her to the ground and explained the meaning of poetry. Monica demanded an explanation from Julio. He said the verse was about all American girls. 4 th place.  One day Monica dated Paul. He told her about his problem. According to Paul, he did not have sexual relations with girls after breaking up with his wife. Monica taught Paul and brought him back to life. Turned out she wasn't the only one place. 3rd place.  Monica got a piece of ice in her eye. She went to the ophthalmologist. It turned out to be the son of Richard, her former lover. She invited him to her place. But the date did not work out because Monica compared him to his father. 2nd place.  On Monica and Chandler's double date with Joey and Janine, it turns out that Janine can't stand Joey's friends. Despite their second date, nothing has changed. Monica and Chandler had a fight with Janine and Joey had to break up with her.  1st place.  Monica dated a guy younger than her. But she didn't know that younger meant he was just finishing school. 00:00 - Intro. 00:08 - Joey and Monica's double date. 03:24 - Monica’s Date with sober Bobby. 06:49 - Monica’s Date with Cheap Matthews. 10:09 - Monica is an empty vase. 14:25 - Monica’s Date with Paul, who tricks her into bed. 17:37 - Monica’s Date with Richard’s son. 20:49 - Chandler and Monica are Dating with Janine and Joey. 23:55 - Monica’s Date with young Ethan. #Monica’sboyfriends #MonicaandsoberBobby #Monicaemptyvase #Monicaandyongboyfriend #MonicaandChandler


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