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Title:Hunting a Pocket Battleship

Download World of Warships today and join the naval battle! Register now using code YARNHUB and receive a huge starter pack including 500 Doubloons, 1,000,000 Credits, 7 days Premium Account time, and a free ship! On December 13th, 1939, the German cruiser Admiral Graf Spee arrived at the estuary of the River Plate with the aim of hunting down British merchant ships. However, these plans were doomed to fail as the ship became the target of a British squadron under the command of Commodore Henry Harwood. The lone German ship was better armed and armored than any of the British cruisers, but the squadron had the advantage of numbers: 3 vs 1. Knowing that they would be badly damaged, the British forces, still commenced their attack. Who would win and why did the Germans end up scuttling the Graf Spee? Hit join to become a member and get exclusive perks Check out our exclusive merch Join us on Discord 00:00 British cargo liner is off South Africa 00:26 The Doric Star is stalked by a heavy cruiser 01:39 Captain William Stubbs and his crew surrender 03:14 British Commodore Henry Harwood orders to start the hunt 04:54 The British squadron detects Graf Spee 06:10 Battle of the River Plate begins 08:10 Captain Bell’s ship is on the brink of destruction 09:55 World of Warships 10:52 Graf Spee keeps pushing on 12:30 Richard Jennings tries to save Exeter! 15:13 Captain Bell decides to ram Graf Spee 16:44 Graf Spee enters the port of Montevideo 17:41 Captain Langsdorff decides to scuttle the heavy cruiser 18:22 The British forces win the battle! Yarnhub uses the Unreal® Engine. Unreal® is a trademark or registered trademark of Epic Games, Inc. in the United States of America and elsewhere. Unreal® Engine, Copyright 1998 – 2024, Epic Games, Inc. All rights reserved.


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