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Title:Chrome OS Flex: Google’s New PC OS

Chrome OS Flex is a new version of Chrome OS, the cloud operating system used on Google chromebooks. As this video demonstrates, it can be installed on almost any PC, allowing -- for example -- new life to be brought to an old laptop. You may be interested in my follow-up video installing Linux Apps in Chrome OS Flex: You can learn more at You can create a bootable USB drive of Chrome OS Flex using the Chromebook Recovery Utility available here: My video on “PC BIOS Settings” -- which includes information on booting from a USB drive -- is here: My video on using Diskpart to recover a USB drive that has been used as an installation media is here: And my video on the Rock Pi X SBC is here: If you are looking to purchase computer hardware and accessories, you may find useful the ExplainingComputers storefront: Please note that as an Amazon Associate I earn a commission from any qualifying purchases you may make via the above link. More videos on computing and related topics can be found at And you can access exclusive members-only videos and other perks by becoming a channel member here: You may also like my ExplainingTheFuture channel at: Chapters: 00:00 Introduction 00:46 Google’s PC OS 04:53 Guest Test 08:07 Full Install 11:24 Cloud Working 13:47 Another Option #ChromeOSFlex #ChromeOS #ExplainingComputers


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