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Title:Mary + Ruth | Amish Girls Lusting for Freedom and Each Other [4/4]

The last part of the short series about two Amish girls who fell in love with each other but got caught up in a real mess because of the strict rules and abuse inside of the secretive Amish community. In the previous chapters, one of them - Ruth, was shunned. Mary couldn't stay away. She ran away from home and found Ruth. SPOILERS! for this chapter (in case the plot wasn't clear): when they were hiding in a barn, the girls discovered a dead body by accident. Mary went into epileptic shock and Ruth escaped. Elder Beacon, known for sexually abusing young girls in the community found Mary and took her. He tied Mary to a bed and told everyone she needed an exorcism. Elder Beacon couldn't risk anyone finding out about a dead body in his barn. This meant - both girls had to die... All the scenes at the end, starting from the hospital - are borrowed from other series and movies that Adelaide Kane (the actress who portrays Ruth) and Alycia Debnam-Carey (the actress who plays Mary) did. The scenes are combined in order to create an original ending for this story. There is no lesbian storyline in the original movie (The Devil's Hand) - this video is an alternate universe. Or lesbian fan-fiction series. Alycia Debnam-Carey as Mary Adelaide Kane as Ruth Footage: The Devil's Hand / Where the Devil Hides (2014) Fear the Walking Dead (2015 - ...) A Letter Home (2013) The Purge (2013) Audio: Movies and series mentioned above + Reign (TV series) Juliana Karlo (the score of the fan-fic) #Amishgirls #lesbian #shortmovie


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