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Title:If The Power Goes Out But Minecraft Stays On | Minecraft Creepypasta

What does it mean when the power goes out but Minecraft keeps running? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- WARNING! Jumpscares are often in these videos! You have been warned! ► I'm an author! Check out my books!: ► Give a big like and subscribe if you want Minecraft Creepypasta books! Ask in the comments what books you want! Just a note: my videos are only for entertainment. These are not meant to be taken seriously. I really enjoy making creepypasta videos with horror, jumpscenes, and other fun scary elements! This includes videos with giant alex, minecraft creepypasta seeds, creepypasta herobrine, and other Minecraft Creepypasta stories! I may also do Minecraft creepypasta roleplays or tutorials on my creepypastas or how to build some creepypasta builds/maps. Also, should I try Minecraft 100 days, creepypasta style? Maybe even Minecraft in Ohio? #creepypasta #minecraftcreepypasta If you enjoy my content, I suggest looking up similar YouTubers like WildDogxd, Shark, Eystreem, mrhoneybun, GephoMC, and Not William. There are other YouTubers who are similar to my experiment videos like PrestonPlayz, DanTDM, and some of my horror manhunt videos like Dream, Sapnap, tommyinnit, and georgenotfound. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Enjoy! This is done in Minecraft! Skin: My royalty free music sources!: YouTube audio library, Scott Buckley:, Audionautix:, Purple Planet:, Incompetech:, Teknoaxe:, AdrianVonZieglar ( this is where I bought his music: ), Vindsvept ( this is where I bought his music: )


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