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Title:Can You Understand Malaysian Mandarin?

Today, we're exploring the distinct features of Malaysian Mandarin and learning about its unique pronunciation, everyday vocabulary, and the fascinating differences in grammar compared to Standard Mandarin. ❤️ Support me and be part of my creative journey: ⚡️ Time code: 00:00 Introduction 00:37 Malaysia and Malaysian Mandarin 01:34 Pronunciation 07:23 Common Words 11:27 Grammar 14:00 Thank you for watching to the end! | You can Find me HERE | 🔸FACEBOOK: 🔸INSTAGRAM(@gracemandarin): 🔸TWITTER: | Learning Resources 📝 | ▪️ Chinese modal particles → (Traditional and Simplified characters included) ▪️ Useful Chinese Time Words and Phrases → (Traditional and Simplified characters included) ▪️15 Must-Know Chinese Slang → (Traditional and Simplified characters included) ▪️ 78 common components of Chinese characters → ▪️ Master Chinese "zh ch sh r” → ▪️ Master Chinese “j q x” → ﹝Real-life Chinese﹞ → Understand FAST Chinese Conversations: → 20 Chinese Slang You Need to Know: → Understanding Different Mandarin Accents: → TOP 5 Chinese Filler Words in Everyday Speech: → 15 COMMON Interjections in Mandarin: Japanese subtitles provided by Andrew Haynes. Many thanks for his outstanding work and assistance 部分素材使用來自 Some of the materials in this video include content from 🔆 PROMOS • Skritter - An app for helping you learn Chinese characters (Using the code "GRACEMANDARINCHINESE" to get 10% off): • If you’d like to learn Chinese in a more structured way, click this link - - and use the promo code “LETSGOYOYO” to get 10% off of full access to Yoyo Chinese’s easy-to-follow courses! 🎈 Check out my friend's cartoons Yin + Yangster at 📩 Contact me:


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