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Title:Hemp conversion to graphene and diamond. Smart carbon capture?

Hemp has been celebrated and vilified in equal measure over the centuries. It has fantastic properties for textiles and ropes, but it comes from the cannabis plant, so it arouses deep suspicion among some policymakers. What is unarguable though, is that it is an extremely fast growing plant that stores a large amount of carbon. So is it really possible to convert it into graphene and diamond in a sustainable, environmentally friendly way? Video Transcripts available at our website Help support this channels independence at Or with a donation via Paypal by clicking here You can also help keep my brain ticking over during the long hours of research and editing via the nice folks at Download the Just Have a Think App from the AppStore or Google Play Interested in mastering and remembering the concepts that I present in my videos? Check out the FREE Dive Deeper mini-courses offered by the Center for Behavior and Climate. These mini-courses teach the main concepts in select JHAT videos and go beyond to help you learn additional scientific or conservation concepts. The courses are great for teachers to use or for individual learning. Check out other YouTube Climate Communicators zentouro: Climate Adam: Kurtis Baute: Levi Hildebrand: Simon Clark: Sarah Karvner: ClimateTown: Jack Harries: Beckisphere: Our Changing Climate : Reference Links Microwave Plasma Pyrolysis Manatee County IPCC CO2 reduction charts #hemp #graphene #biochar


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