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Title:Event-Driven Architectures Done Right, Apache Kafka • Tim Berglund • Devoxx Poland 2021

Far from a controversial choice, Kafka is now a technology developers and architects are adopting with enthusiasm. And it’s often not just a good choice, but a technology enabling meaningful improvements in complex, evolvable systems that need to respond to the world in real time. But surely it's possible to do wrong! In this talk, we'll look at common mistakes in event-driven systems built on top of Kafka: -Deploying Kafka when an event-driven architecture is not the best choice. -Ignoring schema management. Events are the APIs of event-driven systems! -Writing bespoke consumers when stream processing is a better fit. -Using stream processing when you really need a database. -Trivializing the task of elastic scaling in all parts of the system. It's highly likely for medium- and large-scale systems that an event-first perspective is the most helpful one to take, but it's early days, and it's still possible to get this wrong. Come to this talk for a survey of mistakes not to make. Lecture took place on Wednesday 25th August 2021 at 13:30 in Room 1 Tim Berglund is a teacher, author, and technology leader with Confluent, where he serves as the Senior Director of Developer Advocacy. He can frequently be found at speaking at conferences in the United States and all over the world. He is the co-presenter of various training videos on topics ranging from Git to Distributed Systems to Apache Kafka. He tweets as @tlberglund, blogs very occasionally at, and lives in Littleton, CO, USA with his wife, their three children having grown up. Topics covered: -What is Event-Driven Architecture -Data Mesh Principles -Scaling -State management #DevoxxPoland 2021 took place in the ICE Krakow Congress Centre on 25th – 27th August. During 3 days, 2.700 Devoxxians from 20 different countries attended #DevoxxPoland including 100+ speakers and another 600K developers enjoyed the presentations online. Making #Devoxx the biggest #Java conference in Poland. Twitter: Instagram: Join us also here: Technology Radar Review: Developers World Academy: Devflix: #IT #Development #SoftwareDevelopment


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