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Title:Part-2: How to Apply Wall Putty (Lappam) in Telugu Step by Step

This is the part 2 of our wall Putty apply method telugu series. If you miss the basics of Wall Putty must watch because basic knowledge must to choose best wall Putty company. Part 1 video link 👉 Part 3 Second coat of wall putty lapam in telugu 👉 1) Marble cost vs Tiles Cost in Telugu 2) Marble vs Tiles Benefits in Telugu 3) How to calculate marble for Home 4) POP vs Gypsum Ceiling 5) How to apply wall putty 6) Suggestions Before buying tiles 7) Important Items to paint home 8) Marble vs Granite in Telugu 9) How to apply primer on wall part 1 in Telugu 10) How to apply primer on wall part 2 11) Low-cost marble installation tips 12) Should I Buy or Construct a new house? 13) Best cement for house construction 14) How to Calculate Area Easily in Telugu Wall Putty or Lappam both are the same but pronunciation is different in some areas. However, wall Putty or Lappam makes your walls smooth and shine full when you paint your home. Best wall Putty companies in India 1) Birla wall Putty 2) JK wall Putty 3) Asian Wall Putty I listed this as top according to my view as well as Quora's review. These above-mentioned companies Putty gives you the best result and smooth finishing for your walls. I hope this video helpful to you. Don't forget to share and like. If you have any questions feel free to comment below.


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