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Title:Col. Fletcher Prouty interview 1994

The censorship exercised by the newspaper editors The advantages of hemp Tungsten mining in Vietnam The garden of eden in the world was Southeast Asia Saigon was called the Paris of the Orion It was mindless to destroy a beautiful place like Vietnam Most likely one of the reasons for the Vietnam war was to get American businesses to replace the French Is petroleum a fossil fuel? Generally, no fossils are found below 16,000 feet The oil depletion allowance Video: President Kennedy calls out the steel companies (1962) "It has long been a Kennedy tradition: not to get mad but to get even. I fully realize that I shall not be able to get even during my first term in office. But during my second term, you are going to see some important changes" - President Kennedy Why was Governor Connally in the same car as the President? Lansdale and Col. Prouty knew each other since 1952 Lansdale was sent to the Philippines in 1952 to overthrow President Elpidio Quirino And replace him with the new President Ramon Magsaysay Col. Napoleon Valeriano trained Cuban exiles before the bay of pigs invasion Valeriano became an American citizen A million Vietnamese migrated from the North to the South before the war The US Navy transported 660,000 Vietnamese from the North to the South 330,000 were moved by CIA's airline Civil Air Transport (CAT) On September 2, 1953, Secretary of State John Foster Dulles said "In Indochina, a desperate struggle is in its eighth year....We are already contributing largely in matériel and money to the combined efforts of the French and of Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia." Chiang Kai-Shek's presence at the Tehran conference Article from Parade Magazine, Feb 1986: Why Stalin Never Forgave Eleanor Roosevelt by Elliott Roosevelt: Page 1, Page 2 The cold war really began before the second world war ended Our governments do not know how to operate without the threat of war Report from Iron Mountain by Leonard C. Lewin New York Times Book Review: Report from Iron Mountain: The Guest Word by Leonard Lewin The degradation of the infrastructure in the US


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